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Ford Expects April to Be Best Hybrid Sales Month Yet

Ford 1Q 2006 hybrid sales. The company expects to do even better in April.

April is turning into a banner month for sales of the Escape and Mariner Hybrids, according to a Ford spokesperson.

With seven selling days left in April (and many dealers slow to report numbers), the company has already exceeded the prior highest monthly Mariner sales results (150 in December 2005) and is closing in on its prior highest monthly Escape hybrid numbers (1,800 in September 2005).

The company attributes the increase to a number of factors, including:

  • The sudden surge in oil and gas prices and related geo-political tensions, all accompanied by the media focus on that topic.

  • Extending its 0% financing incentive nationwide. When Ford rolled that program out in March for California and Washington, DC, it experienced double-digit sales jumps.

  • Launching the dealer tax hotline, where dealers can get the latest federal, state, and local tax incentives available to Escape Hybrid owners (totaling up to $6,000).

  • Continued marketing, including Ford’s Kermit the Frog ads, and two high-profile appearances in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Ford’s hybrids may get more of a boost from the gas situation than the company anticipated. Crude oil rose to $75.35 a barrel in New York on Friday over concern that shipments from Iran and Nigeria will be disrupted at the same time that the US increases gasoline consumption for the summer driving season.

At the same time, some regions of the country are experiencing sporadic shortages of gasoline due to the switchover to ethanol from MTBE as an oxygenate. These sporadic disruptions may last several months, according to Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. (Bloomberg).



Oh My God!! 1,800 unit sold, stop the presses.

Max Reid

Thats wonderful, finally Ford is getting its handle. They can do these 3 things as well.

* Apply the Hybrid system in Mazda Tribute which share the same engine / chassis and that vehicle can be sold in Japan and Asian countries where Mazda make is popular.

* Make the display monitor and other jazzy things as optional and reduce the price of standard Escape / Mariner so that more people can buy it.

* Sell the flex-fuel hybrid version which they have already demonstrated and that will make Ford the first tribrid vehicle.

After all more sales of Ford means American jobs are protected.


So much for all the articles saying hybrids are losing popularity and losing sales momentum. As average gas prices rise back up above the magic $3/gallon mark, like they did last year, people will be snapping up hybrid vehicles, and fuel efficient vehicles in general.

Automakers relying heavily on truck or SUV sales may take a hit. GM and Ford are particularly vulnerable.

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