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Germany Calling for Euro-6 Definitions Now

The European Federation for Transport and Environment reports that Germany has called for Euro-6 standards defining limits of oxides of nitrogen to be set now, rather than in the future.

Germany’s representative told a meeting of EU competition ministers in March of a growing consensus that the just-published Euro-5 standards could be tightened, and that the auto industry would benefit from being given the next round of emissions targets soon.

A “broad majority” of environment ministers meeting a few days earlier supported the idea.

Current Euro-5 proposals set a maximum limit of 0.2 g/km of NOx from diesel cars from 2008. Germany believes that should come down to 0.180 g/km, with a reduction to 0.08 g/km by 2013.

US EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 and California LEV II standards for diesel and gasoline light duty vehicles specify 0.03 g/km NOx emissions (0.05 g/mile).


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