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Nissan Introduces 2007 Altima; Platform for Hybrid

The 2007 Altima

At the New York International Auto Show, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn introduced the all-new 2007 Altima. The new fourth-generation Altima, which utilizes the all-new Nissan-Renault “D” platform, is the basis for the hybrid Altima sedan that will be introduced next year.

The new 2007 Altima offers Nissan’s advanced Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) replacing the previous conventional automatic transmission or a new 6-speed manual transmission, and a choice of either the VQ-series 3.5-liter V6 or 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder engines. The 2007 Nissan Altima goes on sale in fall 2006.

The 3.5-liter 24-valve DOHC V6 is now rated at 265-plus horsepower (198 kW) and 346 Nm of torque. The V6 features new twin induction, reduced friction, improved cylinder head cooling and new twin knock sensors.

Also available is a 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder producing 165-plus horsepower (123 kW) and 230-plus Nm of torque. The QR25 engine has been refined with a larger intake manifold, increased compression ratio (9.6:1 from 9.5:1) and reduced friction characteristics. It features a silent chain drive and a balancer system (with balancer changed to a center-mounted location for better NVH) that effectively negates vibrations without taking up much space.

Nissan—which is the current leader in CVTs—has three separate CVT designs in production. Nissan began studying CVT technology in 1979 and offered its first production CVT in 1992 and the world’s first 3.5-liter V6 CVT application in 2002.

CVTs offer fuel efficiency advantages over conventional automatic transmissions, and Nissan is targeting the sale of one million CVT-equipped vehicles worldwide annually by 2008. Accordingly, CVTs will also be offered in the 2007 Maxima, Sentra and Versa.

Details on the 2007 Altima hybrid will be coming later in the year.


j padula

After Ghosen puts Nissan under he can get a job at GM. I Think he is the guy who stopped pure Battery and plug in serial hybrid work at Pugeot. They actually sold a plug in serial hybrid. Can anyone confirm?
This guy doesn't get it! Of course he will still have a job a Pugeot since the French Government that owns it never has made a mistake.

Max Reid

I guess Peugeot sold only electric vehicles and not plugin hybrid electrics.

Once if plugin come in affordable range, I am sure French will introduce in millions along with nuclear power plants to charge it.

France has the largest number of Battery powered vehicles.


I think you made a mistake, Ghosn has nothing to do with Peugeot. He is the boss of Renault, which is not a state owned company. The French State has an important market share but the control is very weak, indeed weaker than with a private share holder.
About EVs they tried to promote it in France in the 90s but it failed like everywhere else. The program stopped a long time ago. Ghosn just said he didn't like HEV because he would lose money on them.
About EVs two French companies are trying to promote them (SVE and Bolloré), their main target are professionnal fleet, but I think that with the new fast loading batteries they could be available for public in the next few years.


The french have gone diesel. They see no point in gasoline hybrids as diesel is as good (unless you are crawling around Paris all day) and cheaper.

Peugeot have announced a diesel hybrid prototype a couple of months ago.
As I see it, diesel is better for out of town driving, hybrid is better for stop / start driving.
The two can be combined, but with some effort, as it takes more energy to start a diesel engine than a gasoline one - but they can be combined, and you will get the best of both worlds (once you can get smooth start ups).
Ghosn saved Nissan from extinction and should be given credit for this.


I don't want to advocate the french, but they have probably the biggest fleet of fuel saving cars on this
planet. Citroen, Renault and Peugeot have a huge variety
of small to midsize cars with excellent turbo-diesel
engines with 40-60 mpg and this since years. Now they
are all stock with particulate filters.
My last vehicle when I was still living in europe was
a Renault Transporter with a mileage of never lower than
25 mpg..a US transporter same size here has around 15 mpg.

Mark A

I agree that Ghosn is a realist and has saved both Renault and Nissan. He understands what it takes to make money, over developing/implementing unproven (as of yet) technologies. Would be great to see what he could do with GM, giving free reign. He was also named by one of the auto enthusiasts magazine, as one of the top managers.


Thank you for the corrections! He did not like Hybrids but they are making them so I can not fault them. I did get the two French car Companies mixed up, I am very sorry. There was a plug in serial hybrid car from France called the Kangaroo, but it is no longer sold. Does anyone know anything about it? Most of the info was in French I saw...
I do not quite believe the party line that you can not make money on the hybrids. Perhaps you can not make alot of money, or you can not make money on the extra cost of the hybrid components, but the cars can make money.
Wouldn't the US car companies have gone to the Government with dumping charges if the Japanese were losing money on each car?
It is a shame Toyota opened extra assembly lines to make more Priuses, the poor people must be loosing a fortune. I would fire every salesman that sold one since they cost the company money!


Mikeweindl- They may have the biggest fleet of fuel saving cars but that indicates they won't have the performance the American consumer demands (I don't see too many French cars sold in the US do you?). Did you notice that the French have to use non-French vehicles for their police high speed pursuit vehicles...

jpadula- Why would the govt do anything about a car company choosing to lose money?



You are utterly misguided if you think renault can't do performance. Their technology is so far ahead of the US that it makes a mockery out of the so called big 3.

Try the renaultsport Megane 225, 225hp from a 2.0 litre, and I'm not even going to start with renault and peugoet-citroen 3rd gen, common rail dCi / Hdi engines with torque figures destroying US's very best V8 outputs. Oh yeah, at half or less mpg.

As for the police car comment, while they may use Volvo V70 T5 as well as others, there is no shortage of power in french saloons.


If we assume the average USA driver goes 20,000 miles per year at an average 20 mpg, they are consuming 1000 gallons of fuel per year. If they go hybrid at 40 mpg they save 500 gallons of fuel. At $4/gallon, they save $2000 per year. If the hybrid costs them $10,000 more, will they go for it? Clean burn diesel would be great but US refiners do not want to make no sulfur diesel which clean burn requires.


If we assume the average USA driver goes 20,000 miles per year at an average 20 mpg, they are consuming 1000 gallons of fuel per year. If they go hybrid at 40 mpg they save 500 gallons of fuel. At $4/gallon, they save $2000 per year. If the hybrid costs them $10,000 more, will they go for it? Clean burn diesel would be great but US refiners do not want to make no sulfur diesel which clean burn requires.

Kenneth Hoffman

I am looking forward to the Nissan Altima Hybrid with its Lithium Ion batteries, fold down rear seat and decent accelleration. I hope they plan to make a small station wagon or utility hatchback. A coupe would be nice, too.


In answer to the French Serial Hybrid with the Kangoo chassis...

The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association website has some information from the manufacturer for their 2008 production.

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