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Raser Announces Performance Results for New ISA Motor

The P-50 Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA) motor.

Raser Technologies, an R&D company developing and licensing advanced electric motors based on its proprietary Symetron technology (earlier post), announced performance results for its Symetron AC Induction Motor-based P-50 Hybrid Propulsion Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA) Drive System at the 2006 SAE World Congress in Detroit.

At 107mm (4.2 inches) in length and weighing only 30kg, the P-50 motor demonstrates 48kW of peak power, 230Nm of peak torque, and a peak efficiency of 94%. As a generator the P-50 produces 20kW of power.

This is a significant leap forward in performance for ISAs, offering automakers a more economical and reliable path to add ISA benefits rapidly to more conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) and hybrid-electric vehicle models.

Raser’s ISA Drive Systems can be applied to a wide variety of vehicles, giving automakers a high-performance cost-effective hybrid option for current makes and models, and a low-cost one-machine solution for eliminating the separate starter motors and alternators found in today’s conventional ICE vehicles.

—Brent Cook, Raser CEO

Symetron is an umbrella label for several Raser innovations in motors and controllers that increase power, torque and efficiency. The Symetron technology, which can be applied in a range of packages, AC or DC, can deliver the high torque of a permanent magnet motor without the use of permanent magnets—in essence, enabling the production of smaller, more powerful and less expensive motors.

Raser P-50 Motor
  Metric US
Peak troque 230 Nm 177 lb-ft
Continuous torque 120 Nm 89 lb-ft
Peak motor efficiency 94%
Peak Power 49 kW 64 hp
Power generation 20 kW
Speed range 0–6,000 rpm
Torque per liter 28 Nm/liter
Inlet coolant temp 60º C
Housing dimensions L x OD 127 x 295mm 5 x 11.6 inches
Nominal DC Bus Voltage 300 V

There are two major design attributes of the Symetron motors contributing to their capability: full flux density at high rpm, and a 90º torque angle.

The Raser motor differs from a brushless DC motor in one major way: the usual permanent magnet rotor is replaced with an electromagnetic wound rotor. According to Raser, even with the most advanced permanent magnet neodymium super magnet materials, the flux density within the brushless DC motor is only half the flux capacity of iron. By contrast, Raser claims that its motor delivers near saturation flux capacity, effectively doubling iron utilization.

Maximizing flux density in the motor allows doubling of torque per unit of heat generation relative to a brushless DC motor. In other words, torque may be produced with less than a fourth of the energy losses. Power density is over twice as great for a given heat dissipation with a corresponding increase in motor efficiency.

The Symetron motor always operates efficiently at the ideal 90º torque angle yielding a three-fold boost in torque density (torque per pound of motor weight) over AC induction motors operating at a torque angle of 160º to 170º degrees, according to the company.

Raser sees four major benefits to its system:

  • Downsizing. For a comparable power output, drive systems can be smaller in size and lighter in weight.

  • High torque for vehicle launch assist. This makes Symetron motors good candidates for hybrid vehicle applications.

  • Production cost. Standard components and simplicity of design should result in costs equal to or less than current motors and controllers for a given output.

  • Energy savings and range extension.

One advantage of Raser’s AC induction Symetron technology is that it can be scaled economically to the higher horsepower required by full hybrids and plug-in hybrids from economy cars and light trucks to large military combat vehicles.

—Timothy Fehr, Raser CTO

In October, Raser signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Army’s National Automotive Center (TAC) and their Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) to explore common interests in ground vehicle applications of the components, designs, and technology associated with high performance electro-magnetic equipment, especially in hybrid electric vehicle uses.

As part of the CRADA, TARDEC and Raser are investigating the possibility of using an ISA in military vehicles, using Raser’s motor technology as an ISA in the Humvee, and using Raser’s motor and controller technology in non-ISA applications in military vehicles.



two of those, a battery pack of A123s, and a charger/controller and you'd have a good start for a BEV with 5 minute recharge and very flexible packaging.

too bad they're made of unobtainium


Shaun...good post.

Everyday it seems like some company is intoducing a new product (like this). I hope it is only a matter of time before something like these motors actually becomes marketable.


Would these motors have the potential to increase efficiency of wind turbine generators? I would think they could help on both ends of the energy spectrum.


Watch out. This company appears to be nothing more than a stock promotion by a group in Utah. Look at all the insider sales. see for details.


Unfortunately there are a lot of vaporware manufacturers competing in the alternative energy market these days.


I am impressed with their products.
I have read their patents and I think that they have something to offer.

Funding can be a difficult thing to
do for young companies. I wish them all the best in securing adequate funding and continuing their development work.

john galt

Someone at Raser had their thinking cap on. Getting a CRADA signed and sealed is not easy. Thousands of government contractors salivate over the prospect of locking in a CRADA, as it is provides stable funding (DOD funding in this administration does not get cut), and the company gets the rights to develop and sale the technology back to the government. I'm not sure the $ value of the CRADA, but this at least provides a funding base for Raser to potentially bring a tangible product to market. Hopefully, this not one of the gaggle of patent and technology companies trying to turn a quick buck without actually producing a usable product.


Raser to Acquire Power Generation Technology Company, Adds Nearly $ 1 Billion in Long-Term Energy Sales Contracts

They seem to be making some smart moves to leverage their financing.


too good results for this motor to be good,don't you think?

Erich J. Knight

I think that Chorus Motors will leap frog these guys:

Borealis has an interesting patent on a thermionic car that uses the companies quantum tunneling thermocouples and Chorus motor electric drives. These drives over come harmonic resistance to produce 300% more torque at start up. Plus they use planetary gears for an in the hub design.

Boeing just anounced the use of these drives on the nose wheels of their airliners.

Boeing Demonstrates New Technology for Moving Airplanes on the Ground

The over all well to wheel efficiency for IC is 13%, for Fuel cells 27%, Mr. Cox said his design will be over 50%. The Chorus motors produce 300% more torque by overcoming harmonic drag and the Power Chip thermocouples may be up to 80% of carnot efficiency. This means that with any fue system that has an equal energy density to an average gas tank, this car would have a range of 1500 miles! Rodney T. Cox, president of Borealis, has told me that he plans to have this car developed within two years.

The direct conversion of heat to electricity has been at best only 5% efficient. Now with quantum tunneling chips we are talking 80% of carnot efficiency. ( ) . The Borealis thermocouple power chips (and cool chips) applied to all the waste heat in our economy would make our unsustainable lifestyle more than sustainable.

You may find an extensive discussion on thermo electric patents at: Nanalyze Forums - Direct conversion of heat to electricity੾

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patrick guilfoyle

i was wondering whether that was 20kW an hour or a second that this machine produces#

Account Deleted

This means that with any fue system that has an equal energy density to an average gas tank, this car would have a range of 1500 miles! Rodney T. Cox, president of Borealis, has told me that he plans to have this car developed within two years. Watch out. This company appears to be nothing more than a stock promotion by a group in Utah. Look at all the insider sales.


Personal ISA

Account Deleted

Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Well done.

Best Buy ISA

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