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Russia to Build First Major Ethanol Plant


Russia, the world’s second-largest oil producer and exporter, will start building its first major ethanol plant in 2007, according to a regional official speaking at Russia’s first Fuel Bioethanol conference in Moscow.

The US$200-250 million plant will produce 300,000 tonnes of fuel ethanol a year (about 380 million liters, or 100 million gallons US) for export to the European Union. The plant will be placed in the Volgograd region, one of Russia’s biggest grain-growing areas.

The plant will consumer more than 900,000 tonnes a year of feed wheat, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, which acts as financial consultant to the project. About 40% of the investment required for the plant would be supplied by a consortium of at least three local companies. The rest will be borrowed.

The conference was organized by the Russian Biofuel Association and Genencor International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danisco.


Roger Pham

Of course, 100 proof Vodka!! Why else would you wanna produce ethanol when you are exporting oil and gas for large profits given escalating prices of oil and gas lately?

Sergei Lokhotkin

Possible need for fuel will decrease. See Pat. RU 2296233 (refer to

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