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Thailand to Encourage Extending Palm Plantations for Biodiesel

TNA. The Thai Energy Ministry is proceeding with a plan to encourage local biodiesel consumption to bolster demand for locally grown palm oil.

Under a plan approved by the cabinet, B5 biodiesel (5% biodiesel, 95% petroleum diesel) will be made available countrywide by 2011, with B10 available by 2012.

With a B10 blend, about 8.5 million liters of biodiesel would be consumed daily.

To enhance the production of B5 and B10 biodiesel to meet the target, the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry plans to increase plantation areas of palm trees and other oil plants to accommodate local demand of raw materials.

The Ministry insists that it see no need to import raw palm oil for biodiesel production since local supply will remain sufficient.


Rafael Seidl

Good - tropical acreage can yield 10x the biodiesel feedstock feasible in temperate climates like Central Europe. Thailand has a large population - over 60m - and its demand for mobility is skyrocketing.

Biodiesel is obviously cleaner than the two-stroke gasoline typically used for scooters and rikshas. Btw, there are a few diesel motorcycles, the EDIMO will get a particulate filter soon.;site=a4e/lng=en/do=show/alloc=3/id=3257


Good, oil palm biodiesel and self sufficient. And they are implementing ethanol from cassava too.

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Please supply me with the price of a TOYOTA VIGO 2.5 , TOYOTA FORTUNER and an ISUZU Double cab. Send me a pictures as well if possible.Prices must include freight to DURBAN in South Africa. Price must be in USD.

colin simms

i wont to export my ford focus c max to my home in thailand what are the charges

Tom Watson

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