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TriMet, the transit agency for the three-county area around Portland, Oregon, is expanding the use of a B5 (5% biodiesel) blend to all 210 LIFT buses that provide door-to-door service for elderly and people with disabilities.

The agency had first run a four-month test of the biodiesel blend in 75 of the LIFT fleet buses starting in December, 2005—its first biodiesel initiative. The B5 blend performed well through the trial period, particularly in cold weather conditions, according to TriMet.

TriMet will require 3,500 gallons of pure biodiesel a month for the blending, which is done by Carson Oil. LIFT buses provided approximately one million rides last year.

SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel, the first local biodiesel manufacturer in Oregon, produces the B100 from vegetable oil and used cooking oil. (Earlier post.)

TriMet’s expanding use of biodiesel is helping to build a local industry that is environmentally friendly and helps us become more sustainable.

—Fred Hansen, TriMet General Manager


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