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Twin Cities Transit System to Increase Percentage of Biodiesel in Bus Fuel; Will Order 20 More Hybrid Buses

One of the Metro Transit GM hybrid buses

Metro Transit buses serving the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, will begin using a 5% biodiesel blend (B5) in July for its fuel and will begin a comprehensive test of an 8% biodiesel blend (B8) for potential future use shortly thereafter.

Minnesota Lt. Governor Carol Molnau and Metropolitan Council Chair Peter Bell announced the increase at a State Capitol event. Minnesota state law requires a 2% biodiesel blend in all diesel sold in the state.

In addition to using renewable fuel, Metro Transit operates three diesel-electric hybrid buses, manufactured by Gillig with the GM-Allison hybrid powertrain. This year Metro Transit plans to order 20 more hybrid electric buses for delivery as early as 2008.

Metro Transit began using Ultra Low-Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) in its fleet in July 2004 in half of its fleet of buses. Use of ULSD reduces particulate emissions by about 10% and, in 2005, Metro Transit expanded the use of ULSD fleetwide, including the 2% biodiesel mix.

In addition to being the first state to mandate biodiesel, Minnesota was the first to implement an ethanol standard. Since 1997, Minnesota law has required all gasoline sold within the state to include 10% ethanol (E10). Last year, Governor Pawlenty proposed and signed into law legislation that will move the state to a 20% ethanol standard by 2013.



It would be nice if TransPerth's (Perth, Australia) remaining diesel buses (half are CNG) were tested and ran on biodiesel or a blend rather than shipping most of the state's biodiesel production to Europe.

What's the deal with the twin city thing anyway. I've heard a bit about it. Sounds like an example of what urban sprawl (Los Angelisation) can lead to if it's left to get out of hand.


Most people in the US know the "Twin Cities" as the nickname for the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. They grew up on opposite banks of a river. They did not merge due to sprawl, they just never made the political tranformation into a single city as happened elsewhere. Please check your facts.



Will do

I'm a bit begrudged about urban sprawl at the moment as land is being cleared at a rapid rate in Perth to make way for new houses thanks to cashed up interstate and oversease immigrants flooding the housing market and pushing up prices making owning a first home a more difficult experience for young people like me.

It also increases our dependence on the car.

Luckily the state government is doing quiet a bit to encourage denser living environments and spending billions on public transport to help ease these problems.

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