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Chicago Signs Up for 100 More Segway HTs; Segway’s Largest Municipal Contract Yet

The HT i180 Police package

The City of Chicago has released a five-year, $580,000 contract to purchase up to 100 Additional lithium-ion-powered Segway Human Transporters (HTs) and associated accessories, replacement parts and service. This represents the largest municipal contract in the history of Segway.

The new Segways are for use by a number of city departments, including Police, Fire, Airport Operations and Emergency Management. The city of Chicago already owns more than 50 units that are used by officers to patrol O’Hare and Midway Airports and the downtown and lakefront areas of the city. The Chicago Fire Department also uses Segway HTs to provide EMS response during events.

Worldwide, more than 125 law enforcement agencies now use Segway HTs to patrol a variety of environments, including high-density urban centers, universities, medical center campuses, shopping malls and airports. Another dozen federal and municipal agencies use the products for bomb squad response and explosive ordinance disposal. The Washington D.C. Metro Police, Albuquerque Police Department, University of Maryland Police Department and Miami-Dade County have all recently purchased Segway HT fleets.

In late 2005 Segway introduced its i180 Police package, which includes a collection of high-demand police accessories. This model configuration is the basis for many of the purchases by municipal police and private security firms in recent months.

The Segway HT is a self-balancing electric personal transportation platform. Two 1.88 kW motors turn each of the two wheels independently, and at variabel speeds if necessary. The neodymium-iron-boron motors are constructed with two independent sets of windings, each driven by a separate board and motor. Under normal conditions, both sets of windings work in parallel, sharing the load.

Twin Li-ion battery packs provide power for a range of 15-24 miles at a top speed of 12.5 mph.


Joseph Willemssen

You see a lot of security using those in Millenium Park.


"You see a lot of security using those in Millenium Park." Gotta protect that bean:)
But seriously, segway is a good candidate for those tasks especially inside buildings.
- Police or security stand above other people, so that can look and be seen from farther away.
- It's silent and does not polute, big plus when you compare it to atv that they are using right now.
- if you running away from segway, it is hard to sustain 12.5 mph for a long time.(although you can always run down the stairs)
- police and security don't have to walk so they can still eat doughnuts:)
- and they actually look cool

fyi CO2

"In late 2005 Segway introduced its i180 Police package, which includes a collection of high-demand police accessories."

Cupholder (XL Dunkin coffee size)
Blues Brothers front grille
Tony Hawk 900 in R&D


They just use bicycles in Ireland (both cops and postmen).
Much faster and easier to manage - also keeps the cops fit and trim.

Sometimes the older solutions are the best.

on the other hand ...
What looks interesting is putting Li batteries on e-bikes now that the power tool makers are starting to use Li batteries.
But why do must e-bikes have to look to crap ?
Why can't they take something that looks as much like a hybrid and just add a motor and battery to it ?
A Li e-bike could be very good for city commuting of say 5 - 10 miles.
And if the weather was nasty, take a car or public transport.
Bikes are cheap - you can have them in addition to a car and use whichever is most appropriate for any given trip.


Using bikes for outside venues I will agree. But I can hardly imagine using bikes inside Ohare airport.


Another con: relentless "Arrested Development" references being made at your expense.

"You found the 'PEEEEEE!' "


They use adult scooters inside Copenhagen airport.
[ Just like kid's ones, only adult sized ].
They look like a ton of fun.



Bicycles (and scooters) can't be used in crowded plazas, or on crowded sidewalks. Segways don't have to keep moving to be stable, and you can stand at full height, with some extra height from the platform.

shaun mann

did anybody else notice: $580,000 for 100 units

so, $5,800 each. roughly the same price as a 750cc motorcycle, then?

i agree that they are very cool and have some small advantages over board scooters (which sell for ~$500), but i think they mostly sell based on their cool factor.

fyi CO2

The City of Chicago would be better off investing in a line of hybrid or CNG public transit buses

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