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ECO Fuel Systems Inc. of Langley, British Columbia, has received Certificates of Conformity from the US EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality for the conversion to CNG of a set of new GM SUVs and pickups.

These certificates allow the conversion of the 2006 Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe and Yukon with the 4.8-liter gasoline engine, and the 2006 Colorado, Canyon and HUMMER H3 with the 3.5-liter gasoline engine.

In addition to these most-recent Certificates, ECO Fuel Systems has current EPA Certificates of Conformity for other popular fleet vehicles, including common taxi, van, and pickup truck applications from Ford and General Motors.

ECO’s systems are based on its ECO Digital Injection (edi) system.

The edi system can operate from 1 to 10 injectors of different types and brands in full OBDII (On Board Diagnostic) compliance with the OEM vehicle computer. The edi injection will optimize on alternative fuel with the original technology provided by the OEM.

An EPA Certificate of Conformity certificates allow authorized aftermarket converters in EPA-regulated states to use the ECO Fuel system legally to adapt these gasoline-powered vehicles to operate on compressed natural gas.

EPA vehicle emission regulations are basically fuel-neutral, meaning standards must be met regardless of fuel type. The key regulatory aspect of a conversion is ensuring that the revised vehicle continues to conform to all applicable emissions requirements.

There are differences in some of the test procedure requirements depending on the type of fuel—e.g., some of the evaporative emission requirements may be waived for LPG and CNG because they are closed fueling systems.

Interest in conversions is beginning to accelerate, and not just to gaseous fuels—conversions to E85 are of increasing interest.

Subsequent to publication of EPA’s policy on fuels conversions in August of 2002 and publication of updated guidance in October 2004, EPA has received inquires about converting gasoline-fueled vehicles to ethanol (E85) and converting diesel-fueled vehicles to vegetable oil.

Vehicles converted to operate on E85 or diesel fuel must pass the appropriate standards for the fuel type used by the OEM when the vehicle was originally certified.

—EPA Certification Guidance for Alternative Fuel Converters



don laden

I have a 2002 GMC pickup with a 4.8 liter V8 engine. Probably the same engine as referred to in the 2006 model. Why can't the same conversion system be used for both?

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