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Ohio EPA Greenlights Landfill Gas Project for Power, CNG and Methanol

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) has approved FirmGreen Energy’s (FGE) construction of its landfill gas processing center, called a Green Energy Center, adjacent to the Franklin County landfill in Grove City, Ohio. (Earlier post.)

FGE will use its licensed CO2 Wash technology to clean and process the landfill gas (LFG) for use in electrical generation and the production of CNG and methanol. The plant is permitted to produce up to 20 million gallons of methanol annually for use in biodiesel production and fuel cell technology.

Initially the Green Energy Center will produce CNG to fuel the fleet of the landfill operator, and generate electricity for the landfill’s administrative and maintenance buildings. Additional CNG production will be available to power school and transit buses.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America (MGCA) has contracted to purchase up to 4 million gallons annually of the methanol production. FGE plans to sell other methanol to local biodiesel production facilities.


fyi CO2

WOW - some good green news from Ohio?
I still can't get over their electoral votes going to "W"
in 2004..


Very good news, I hope all the other states will follow.

I'm glad the electoral votes went to "W". Kerry = Scary


Good to see this. They are popping up in other locations too.

Votes didn't go to W until Diebold interceded.
W = What me Worry?


Ohio is one of the leading industrial and manufacturing centers of US. Real people doing real work know very well which politician promotes progress, and which one - conservation.

Collection and treatment (combustion, with or without heat utilization) of LFG is mandated by EPA to minimize air pollution. Why one should be proud and being promoted for obeying the law?

Mike Burger

This site weekly contains state and regional plans for energy innovation and efficiency. References to the federal government (which doesn't really function except inside the museum zone inside the beltway) are few. Anything that really works is at the local level anyway.
Green news is where you find it, and there's a lot of it.


Thanks for the usefull lection in US pilitics, but do anyone know what kind om technology they are going to use to convert methane (LFG) in to methanol?

allen zheng

NYC could use this for their landfills. The former one in west central Staten Island is the largest single emitter of greenhouse gasses (mostly methane and now being processed). They are many around the city, some have been closed for decades, but still emitting gas.


Must be that the Ohio environmental protection Agency didn't
use Diebold voting machines to make this decision.

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