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Second Major Biodiesel Plant Targeted for Washington

Chemical Consortium Holdings (ChemCon) has entered into an option agreement with the Port of Walla Walla, Washington to lease approximately 15 acres to construct a 200,000-ton (approximately 60 million gallons) per year biodiesel production facility.

This would mark the second major biodiesel plant to be located in the state of Washington—Imperium Renewables, the parent company of Seattle Biodiesel, recently announced that it will build a 100-million gallon per year biodiesel plant in Grays Harbor County, Washington. (Earlier post.)

This location is the best fit for our corporate strategy. It will allow transportation from sea, rail and truck. It also provides close proximity to the fuel terminals in Seattle and Portland. The site will also be strategically located to take advantage of the growth of Canola in the State of Washington.

Canola is the best feedstock for this type of facility, but farmers need a financially secure partner to grow for or their risk is too high. This facility will provide that capability and enable the farming community to build a new revenue stream.

—Dr. J. Greig, CEO of Chemical Consortium Holdings

Walla Walla is located in the southeastern corner of the state.

The plant will be constructed by JH Kelly under contract from Lurgi, PSI, a subsidiary of the GEA Group out of Essen, Germany. ChemCon recently transitioned from the pulp and paper chemical industry into the alternative energy and synthetic fuels industry.


allen zheng

Rapeseed cover crop/oil crop. Maybe some algae oil too. There are some small towns that could treat their waste water to a point and then pump the partially treated water to algae ponds/tanks/pools/buckets. Use recycled plastics, and reduce evaporation.

allen zheng

With 5,000 gallon per acre yields, this could be very lucrative.

Frank Michael

Dear Allen Zheng,

Do you think that 5,000 gallon per acre is a realistic figure?

Is there a reference or URL that would tell me more?

Thank you,

Frank Michael

allen zheng

Frank Micheal:
The 5,000 gallon/acre rating is a figure on the low end of how much an acre can produce. I have seen amounts as high as 20,000 gallons an acre. I tend to be skeptical of that high a number since they are recent lab results, and thus probably harder to replicate in production.
____here are some resources, you may have seen some already:
(3.6 MB)
This should get you started.

Kathleen Guichard

Please read these articles about J. Greig and Chemical Consortium Corporation's proposed biodiesel plant in Walla Walla County:

Kathleen Guichard

Sorry, my earlier links expired. Here is an updated link to the main article about J. Greig and Chemical Consortium Holdings:

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