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Tenneco Launches Retrofit Diesel Particulate Filter; Toyota Europe Chooses it for Entire Range

Tenneco is launching a retrofit diesel particulate filter (DPF) for the European independent aftermarket in advance of the introduction of European Union (EU) legislation and tax incentives on retrofit units that come into effect in The Netherlands this July.

The Tenneco Walker-brand DPF features a lightweight foam filter coated with precious metals and combines the catalytic converter and DPF into one unit. This allows installers to replace the existing catalytic converter with the DPF without adding additional weight and without disturbing the vehicle’s entire NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) profile.

Unlike DPFs applied in original equipment systems in which a periodic regeneration process is controlled by the engine management system, aftermarket retrofits need to be able to work in an open loop system without the engine management system to trigger the regeneration. The design and the coating therefore support continuous regeneration of the filter.

Toyota Europe has selected the DPF technology for its complete European diesel car range. Tenneco will manufacture the full exhaust system, including the DPF, for part of the Toyota range and supply DPF units as a Tier 2 supplier to Sango and Arvin Meritor for the balance.

Tenneco has delivered over 1 million original equipment (OE) DPF units to the European car manufacturers since it produced the first DPF for the Peugeot 406 in 2000. With EU pressure on reducing emission limits growing, we see significant potential for a fully-homologated, highly efficient retrofit product that offers consumers the opportunity to benefit from tax reduction incentives while avoiding potential driving bans in the event of particulate matter alerts. In addition, the presence of a retrofit DPF has the potential to increase the resale value of older car

—Mark Frissora, Chairman and CEO, Tenneco

Walker DPFs are fully-homologated and come with installation certificates to facilitate consumer access to EU tax incentives. The size of the European diesel car fleet makes retrofit DPFs a significant new aftermarket business opportunity.

Tenneco was one of the first global suppliers to offer both additive and catalyst-coated diesel particulate filter technologies in series production for Europe’s vehicle manufacturers. It first began production of original equipment diesel particulate filter technology in 2000 in conjunction with PSA Peugeot-Citroen for the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 406 diesel passenger vehicles.


Rafael Seidl

For reference:

effectiveness wall-flow filter w/periodic regen.: >95%
effectiveness retrofit filters: 30-40%

Retrofits are a good idea, but only for older vehicles with significant useful life left.

Richard Burton

so will this work on older Toyota diesels? In my trips to Mexico and Costa Rica they are plagued by old,very polluting older diesels in vans, trucks and buses, that seemingly run forever, despite the amount of black soot coming out the tailpipe. If so, if Toyota really wants a "green image", and these work, they should be made available at lowest possible cost...

Rafael Seidl

Yes, in principle such devices would work in older diesels as well. You have to pick the right size, of course, and there has to be a suitable cavity in the floorpan, located sufficiently close to the engine. If you have an older model diesel, you should inquire with the carmaker if an approved retrofit solution exists for you. You can also consult the web pages of the following particulate filter manufacturers:

* Emitec
* Faurecia
* Remus
* Pankl
* Twin-Tec


Make sure you have access to ULSD or BioD before installing a PF. Tests show that regular D2 (LSD) will kill a PF.

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