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Used Toyota RAV4-EV Sells for $67,300 on eBay


A 2003 Toyota RAV4-EV auctioned on eBay went to the winning bidder for a price of $67,300.

Toyota began sales of the RAV4 Electric Vehicle (EV) to California retail customers in March 2002 after five years of leasing to utilities and other corporations that operate vehicle fleets. Toyota then ceased production of EV in 2003.

When the RAV4-EVs went on sale to the public in 2002, they carried a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) of $42,000. However, a $9,000 incentive from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and a $4,000 IRS credit could bring the price below $30,000.

Based on the first-generation RAV4 platform, the RAV4-EV combines a 50kW (67hp) electric motor that develops 190 Nm of torque with a 288V NiMH battery to yield a projected driving range of 85-100 miles per charge and an electronically controlled top speed of 78 mph.

(The sellers said that they pulled in 100 miles—90% on the freeway—per charge.)

The car on auction had 59,000 miles on it just had its battery pack replaced under warranty.

In its official statement on the cessation of production of the RAV4-EV, Toyota said:

Toyota believes that in order to have a positive environmental impact, a large number of consumers must embrace the technology. In order for this to happen, the vehicle must meet the lifestyle needs of, and be affordable to, the mass market. Although a significant marketing effort was undertaken for the RAV4-EV, we only sold about 300 vehicles a year.

Toyota was preparing in 2005 to crush the remaining RAV4-EVs coming off of lease, but yielded to a campaign launched by DontCrush.Com to keep the EVs on the road.


Tracy Crawford

PS Oh and I forgot to say: The Oil companies can kiss my ass!


This thread is unbelievable. Those attacking EV's are either just ignorant and trying prove a point just for the sake of it, or intentionally trying to sway public opinion against EV's.

All your arguments are rubbish. We need to get off oil NOW. Our nation's thirst for oil, if it continues, will assuredly be its downfall. If you're not hip to peak oil and the geo-political chess matches going on, you don't really understand the stakes.

The craziest thing is, EV's are about to be superior to ICE's in every possible way within the next decade. Now that demand and interest are exploding, technology has and will continue to make EV's more and more sensible.

Furthermore, those against EV's need take the blinders off and look at the whole picture. We are a planet charging face to face with the ugly side of resource constraints and climate disruption, while carrying a population roughly four times the size of any previously sustainable level.

That's what all this about really, sustainability. People need to understand what that means. Sustainability means that everything is part of a larger cycle that feeds into itself and cannot be exhausted. Everything is connected and there is no waste.

Our only means to true and complete sustainability is a world which derives 100% of its energy from clean renewable energy. The #1 argument against renewable energy is the stresses it puts on the grid without having enormous storage capacity. #2 is that, because it isn't produced in large enough scale, it costs more than conventional energy.

Our only means to sustainable transportation is through emission free vehicles powered by renewable energy. #1 argument is that is that batteries cost too much and that energy is only clean if it comes from renewables. #2 is that, because they don't mass produce them, they cost more than regular cars.

Is the puzzle really that hard to put together??? We have Vehicle to Grid technology NOW that enables all those EV's charging at night to supply energy storage to the utilities when they need it most. If politicians would support V2G tech, thousands of cars plugging in at night will HELP the grid. EV owners will receive compensation that reduces (if not completely covers) the cost of the batteries.

And don't try to tell me there's not enough renewable capacity out there. If our policy makers would support feed-in tariffs for small scale RE, capacity would skyrocket in just a couple of years. Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are what "pro-RE" politicians are pushing now, but they are a sham. Feed-in laws are proven superior across the board.

With these policies in place, the demand for solar, wind, & batteries will only further the technology breakthroughs and cost reductions soon to make the conventional energy/transportation paradigm look foolish.

The time has past for band aids and wrong moves. We have the technology NOW for a more intelligent existence. Don't let ignorance or manipulation steer us down the wrong path. Educate yourself, reposition yourself, and make it happen!



Excellent banter kiddies.I only saw one or two mentions of solar elec. The last entry was july of 2007. Well these days gas is $3.80 in clinton iowa. {june 2008 ] Most homes get exposure to the sun. Some get full exposure. JUst another thought. Plug in vehicles will be leading the way in my very humble opinion. I have owned a panaisonic shaver[rechargeable] for about seven years now . [es4000] The very unique feature of the shaver is that the charging base has no metal contact point. NONE! Its made of plastic as well as the shavers base. What the hell is this guy trying ta say? Anyway...The excuse of.".Sorry Boss. I cant come to work this morning cause I fergot ta plug in my car last nite...aint gonna fly. If you can get relativly close to the charger with the car, the charger could COME TO THE CAR . electro magnetic sensors and such. I could see the charge point being on TOP OF THE CAR. So DANG ! One could backer in if yall wanted. It wouldnt matter. Side ways whatever. Also while you are away or at home a battery bank could be chargin up a bank of battreys in your home [ built in to your garage wall or in the basement} from a solar array. See it aint gonna be so bad. I can also see retrofitin companies puttin electric motor swaps in any car you can imagine. Corvette ,Rolls Royce it dont matter. Lithium batterys are the best available current [pun intended] tech to date. Sanyo "ENELOPE is a good battery. Sorry ANNIE I'll always have my HOT ROD. When gas is $15 a gallon ANNIE girly girl, Im gonna put three gallons in it every other week and fry the f'n tires just for me first, and for you and your stuck up lezbo treehuggin SELF RIGHTEOUS ELITIST ASSES next. Your a waste. ANNIE what soccer mom drives a van or suv that tips the scales at $4 TONS ! The stock H 1 HUMMER non military version weighs 7847lbs. EMPTY according to automotive .com Your an ANIMATED BLOWHARD ! Oh yes dr.sands im so excited to hear about your '08 models...yes ...tell me more...will they have EIGHT WHEELS? ANNIE get your gun [I meant potatoe gun] cause your gonna like my next statment even less.. Annie .You dont have to be a treehugger to be [a] conservative !!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA . VOTE OBAMA HUSSEIN . ALL the CHANGE will be out of your pocket and in his .He doesnt like renewable energy [ ] YOU read HIS voting record. My favorites are his PRESENT votes. at work but i aint workin..HUh!!


damn no speil chekr


From my understanding of the following information the reason the Rav EV was discontinued was that the Chevron/Texaco bought the battery patent worldwide for that battery which was extra strong not like the little one for the Prius. Therefore it is to expensive for the average person to buy and Toyota was forced to discontinue production hush hush. Oil companies, buying battery patents? Wonder why? People should petition the government to force the oil companies to relinquish the patent. "Only smaller NiMH batteries, incapable of powering an electric vehicle or plugging in, are currently allowed by Chevron-Texaco."
Read the following for more info:

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