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ZAP Ships 200th Smart Car in US

ZAP CEO Steve Schneider announced that the company has shipped its 200th Smart Car Americanized for ZAP. ZAP is now delivering Smart Cars to its authorized dealers across the US.

ZAP recently reported first quarter revenue of $2.9 million, an increase of 141% over sales from the first quarter of 2005 due primarily to the recent sales of the Smart Cars well as electric vehicles and consumer items. The month of March saw $2 million in sales for various models of the Smart Car, which ZAP has priced in the $25,000 range. (Earlier post.)

The Smart Car, a version of the DaimlerChrysler smart car modified to meet US emissions requirements, is the most fuel-efficient all-gasoline turbo in the US market with an EPA rating of 40 mpg. (Earlier post.) The Smart Car received the regulatory approval through its registered importers to allow for distribution in the USA by ZAP.

ZAP also recently launched sales for a new electric car called the XEBRA and is working to develop other vehicles as part of its automotive business plan, which includes a new Brazilian “trybrid” micro-car powered by gasoline, electricity and ethanol.


fyi CO2

They are cute, however, 40mpg is not panacea to a Prius owner.


I'm not sure why anyone would buy one of the 2 seater Smarts, same size as an Insight but with significantly lower MPG, and $6k more exepensive.


Really? You've never struggled to park somewhere in a busy city centre? You can park a Smart sideways in a standard width parking space. There is no comparison between a Prius/Insight and a Smart sizewise and that is the point.


Prius length: 4450mm
Insight length: 3945mm
Smart length: 2500mm

Still think they're all the same size? 2m over 6ft shorter!!!


I read that the diesel version prevalaent in Europe and Canada gets 3.5L/100km, or about 67 mpg (U.S.) Too bad diesel has such a bad rap in the States. We need to overcome that--ultra-low sulfur biodiesel would be a great "baby step" toward better alternatives.


Well put Erik, I fully agree. They are just stupid to not offer those great diesel engines over here! Compression-ignition (Diesel) technology just works so much more efficiently than internal combustion.


In Chicago and most all city centers Ive been, no sane individual attempts parking when there are so many better, cheaper and ultimately faster alternatives.

John Lasseter

Can't imagine paying 25K for 40mpg's when my Scion
cost $13,800 and is rated at 37.

Cash Belden

I'm from Canada; have had a Smart for about a year; and loving it! I'm 6 foot, 3 inches and fit in it very easily. You wouldn't believe all of the smart features. For instance, you can drive it in either standard or automatic mode. I've been clocking the mileage and mine gets about 55 MPG (US gal). It has excellent crash test ratings and has braking and steering stabilization on icy or gravel roads. mine is convertable and air-conditioned and I drove it all Winter. It's almost impossible to get stuck in the snow...and I'm laughing all the way to the bank. I welcome any comments or questions and/or I can meet you in Ogdensburg or Watertown, NY in about an hour.

John Lasseter

55 mpg's ? Is your's diesel?


I love the Smart! What frustrates me the most is that in the "land of the free", I can't get one. Okay, maybe if I wanted a Zap Version and I could afford 25-30k. what are they in Canada? 12-15k? One can not even go to Canada and bring it back in. Daimler Chrysler continues to hedge about bringing them to the US, yet you can buy one practically anywhere else in the world, for a reasonable price. If D-C wanted to make the Smart brand instantly profitable, they'd be shipping them here by the Boatload, tomorrow!

John Lasseter

Skip, I agree. Not just Smart but so many anternatives are out there & yet we can't purchase one and bring it in. I really like smart but not for 25 - 30 K.

Jack Rosebro

After teaching some hybrid classes for the City of Toronto, I was treated to a ride to the airport in one of their diesel-powered Smart cars. Once we were underway, I found that I forgot about its size very quickly; the greenhouse is well thought out. From the inside, it felt much more like a conventional car than I had expected.

I also agree about the comment on parking. I live in Los Angeles, and while I rotate my driving between most of the hybrids on the market, I prefer to do my city driving in a Honda Insight rather than a Toyota Prius simply because it's so much easier to find a parking place.


is it seriously not possible to buy one in Canada and "smuggle" it back into the U.S.? how much do they cost up there anyways?

i heard D-C is really close to making a decision (ha, yeah right) and should be finished hemming and hawwing (sp?) by the end of June or so. hopefully they'll offer smart cars that haven't been totally reconstructed and overpriced.


I've been watching the Smart Circus for years knowing that it would be totally messed up upon arrival. So I found a shop which Zero Times (Frame Off Restoration) Vintage Volkswagens. Parts are readily available. With an Idiot's Guide you can fix it yourself. It will tow behind anything with a hitch. All for less than $7K with a warranty. I was approched by a Bug Nut last week who wanted to buy my car out from under me for $10K. Good luck.

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