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Fiat Brazil Introduces Production Siena Tetrafuel and Prototype Electric Palio

Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel

Fiat Automòveis, the Brazilian arm of Fiat Auto, has launched the world’s first four-fueled production vehicle, the Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel. The TetraFuel, shown earlier at the 2006 Challenge Bibendum, operates on natural gas, gasoline, pure ethanol (E100) or gasohol (20% alcohol/gasoline blends). The company also introduced a prototype electric vehicle, the electric Palio.

(Volvo brought a prototype five-fuel vehicle to the Challenge Bibendum. The Volvo Multi-Fuel is optimized for running on bioethanol E85; methane in the form of either natural gas or bio-methane; gasoline; and a 10% Hythane blend (10% hydrogen, 90% natural gas). Earlier post.)

The Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel uses a single Electronic Control Unit (ECU), developed by Magneti Marelli, to select fuels automatically depending on conditions, with natural gas being the first choice. Magneti Marelli earlier developed the SFS (Software Flexfuel Sensor) used in flex-fuel cars.

When the ECU sensors detect a situation requiring extra torque or faster acceleration, it switches from natural gas to liquid fuel automatically, switching back to natural gas when the system detects that it is the fuel most convenient for that moment. The system also reverts to liquid fuels automatically if CNG levels drop below 10 bar.

A view of the Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel engine showing the natural gas common rail with pressure regulator.

Fiat Powertrain modified the 1.4-liter engine with an integrated injection manifold featuring a natural gas common rail with four injectors, new cylinder heads, tubes, valves, and injectors. The Tetrafuel Siena is also fitted with strengthened rear suspension and braking to accommodate the dual compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders (6.5 m3 storage per tank at 200 bar) fitted in the trunk.

The system also includes an electronic readout, with fuel indicators, temperature, a trip computer and error reporting. The system warns when liquid fuel levels drop below 4% of capacity, as a liquid fuel is required to cold-start the vehicle.

The new Fiat Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel hits showrooms in Brazil in July in the value of R$41,900 ($US18,900) for standard motorists and R$31,750 ($US14,300) for taxis.

Electric Palio

Electric Palio. Fiat Automòveis and Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) introduced the Electric Palio during the Brazil Classics Fiat Show. Other development partners include Itaipu Hidrelétrica and the Swiss company KWO.

The research prototype uses a 15 kW (20 hp) motor that develops 50 Nm (37 lb-ft) of torque, powered by a NiMH battery packint the trunk. The car has an estimated range of 120 km (75 miles) and a top speed of 105 kmh (65 mph).



Siena 1.4 Tetrafuel

Alright, who put the 4" lift kit on the sedan. Cool engine, hows it handle?


Am I missing something? I thought the problem with hydrogen, and then ethenol, and then everything else, was infrastructure. Are we now spending all our engineering dollars to develop cars that will run on anything (bacon grease) just in case the fueling infrastructure can't keep up? Wouldn't it be better to work toward a common fuel, like E10, or how about electricity?


JM: Wakeup and smell the fuel!
Except for Electricity, Humans are cursed with being forced to smell the fuel we use. Bacon ain't too bad.


JM: Your not missing anything, the alt fuel crowd says:

Butanol not Ethenol
BioD, from something other than soybeans, maybe rapeseed, Jathropa, Algea
How bout a plug-in version, solar cells in roof

They are simply not listening or don't care.


In Brazil ethanol makes sense because they already have the E100 infrastructure, not all automotive developments are geared towards the US market.

Adrian Akau

The Palio prototype is promising. Once the batteries have improved, the HP could be raised a little for better performance. The problem would be to get it into production since it is only a prototype at the present time. It is an electric car that has definite promise. Now that Ford Motor Company is backing down on future hybrid production numbers, the EV might prove a good route for them to take.

I really think that Ford is holding back because it may be difficult for them to compete with the Prius. Ford would benefit from a good EV.

[email protected]

tom deplume

The electric can use over 10 different fuels. Diesel, kerosene, natural gas, propane, wood, bagasse, wind, hydro, uranium, the tides or what ever else can turn a generator.

shaun mann

is that price right? $19k for a 1.4 liter subcompact?

chevy aveo is a 1.6 for $10k and fiat isn't exactly known as a world-class automaker, so nobody is paying for the emblem.

i hope that price is grossly inflated by taxes and represents a typical price for a car of this size and lack of performance in brazil.


Siena Flex: R$34.950,00
Siena Tetrafuel: R$41.900,00

Thats about $16k vs $19k US.

John baldwin

Brazil has more than 1 million cars running on clean, low carbon CNG....infrastructure not a problem. Germany following suit fast, liquid fuels = OPEC = bad idea.


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I am planning put CNG in fiat adventure but worried about sapce inside .pls suggest best place and kit to cng container in the car

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