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Ford to Begin Production of Hydrogen ICE Shuttles

Ford Motor will begin production of its commercial hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine (H2ICE) shuttle buses this month. (Earlier post.) Eight of the E-450 shuttle buses will go to tourist destinations in Florida.

The 12-passenger shuttle, first introduced at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, is equipped with a 30-gallon equivalent, 5,000 pounds-per-square-inch hydrogen fuel tank supplied by Dynetek. The E-450 is propelled by a re-engineered version of Ford’s 6.8-liter V-10 engine.

We’ve demonstrated that hydrogen can be clean and efficient and reliable, but the biggest issue remains how to store enough hydrogen on the vehicle in a given space. The tanks are also still too expensive.

—Bob Natkin, technical leader for H2 IC Engine Applications Research and Advanced Engineering.

Speaking at the Handelsblatt conference on automotive technologies in Munich, Gerhard Schmidt, Ford’s vice president for Research and Development, said the hydrogen internal combustion engine program helps pave the way to other applications.


Tony chilling

To bad you still have change 6 quarts of engine oil?
Maybe engine has been re-engineered to be lubricated with corn oil?
30 gal equivalent tank?
So it has a range of about 240 miles?


The only shuttle for which hydrogen should be used as a fuel for will be decommissioned soon.


Ford earlier said it expected a range of up to 150 miles depending on conditions and vehicle load.


I suspect there is DoE money behind this to 'prove' hydrogen works. What's next, an 1890s steam locomotive converted from firewood to hydrogen?

shaun mann

I wonder how much a refill costs and if it is industrially produced by being stripped from fossil fuels or do they instead consume large amounts of energy from florida's fossil-fuel-powered electricity grid to produce the hydrogen via electrolysis.

Either way, the vehicle produces a GHG equivalent that might be interesting to consider.


Well for a city the ultimate goal likely is to site a 1-5 mw windmill to fill some large scale underground h2 tanks to fuel your entire fleet. After the initial investment your costs should be rather much lower then before and no more smog inspections and no more ny of that stuff.


wintermane- They better combine that with a 1-5MW solar array (photovoltaics or those nifty sterling cycle solar concentrators). The wind isn't always constant.


Thats the point of h2 you dont need day to day or even week to week comnstants as long as the tank is always filled up. Any elcess energy can be sold off.

John Ard

I've been waiting for someone to make a comment like the first one here. We still have crappy gas guzzling trucks being driven by soccer moms to Winn-Dixie everyday, and someone wants to whine about a hydrogen ICE having a 6qt crankcase! Let's tackle the evil spectre of crude oil use one step at a time and not worry about a lubricant that most shops recycle, even in rural Alabama where I live!


Actauly it depends on the soccer mom. Remember legaly you are basicaly required to ue an suv if your gona transport more then x kids anywhere. Because each and every kid must be seatbelted and none can be in the front seat. In a minivan that often leaves 4 seats for the kids...

Now back in my day they would just pack all 12-15 of us into a big station magon and we would tumble around with the power tools and the deadly bladed tools of doom while rusty exacto knives skittered around playfully.

The great thing about a large suv is 3 sets of back seats so each kid gets thier own seat set and no more seat teritory fights.

California Hydrogen

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted a notice of intent to award contracts for the lease of six vehicles HICE vehicles including two Ford E450 Hydrogen Shuttles. This will expand to 37 the total number of hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) vehicles in California.

Complete Article:


Truck-based SUV is more dangerous to kids seating inside than family sedan. And if you need more seating, use minivan, which is built on family sedan platform.


Its quiet common to find a small/medum sized suv with better capacity and fuel econ then a large minivan. Or at least thats what my friends who went car shopping told me.


I looked at the Honda, Toyota and Chevy sites to compare the Pilot, Highlander and Trailblazer. The Pilot and Highlander each get 20 mpg and the Trailblazer gets 18 mpg, has more power, more room and more towing capacity. But in Southern California, 4 out of 5 people with buy the Toyota or Honda every time.


"steam locomotive converted to hydrogen"
You're on to something Aussie!

Dale Parks

The new fuel is great and we have been setting on it for a while. The storage tank will come down and as long as the buses can make round trips they can fuel up in a matter of minutes. There are lots of places we can store the Hydrogen once people except it. Build it into the frame to keep the weight low and increase the handling of the car or bus. It is so much safer than gasoline is just think of the lives that will be saved from the new technology from these tanks. It will not be hung under the back of the car with two thin straps. If we build it into the frame then it will only make the cars stronger and safer for all of us. Give me Hydrogen anyday over gasoline! I work with it everyday and once you understand it you will say, " What were we waiting On all of these years?"


I think that Hydrogen Ice is the future. How do I get involved/invest?

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