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Three national Scandinavian hydrogen networking organizations—HyNor (Norway), Hydrogen Link (Denmark) and HyFuture (Sweden)— recently formed a joint Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP).

The SHHP vision is to make Scandinavia one of the first regions in Europe where hydrogen is commercially available and used in a network of refueling stations. The formation of the partnership is a move to strengthen the ability for Scandinavian entrepreneurs and enterprises to take advantage of this emerging technology as well as to contribute to the progress towards a more sustainable society.

SHHP also declared its intention to qualify as one of the European Commission’s Hydrogen Lighthouse Projects. These super-sized demonstration projects are planned to be cornerstones in the EC-strategy for preparing the market for hydrogen as an energy carrier, in particular as a vehicle fuel.

In light of the European Commission’s significant commitment to hydrogen, the time has come for Scandinavia to step up to the challenge of gradually introducing the zero-emission transport systems of tomorrow.

—Ulf Hafseld, Project Manager of HyNor

The initial focus will be on South/South East of Norway, the Swedish west coast and Denmark. As the partnership evolves, it intends to include other regions in Scandinavia. SHHP will establish strategic alliances will be established with other international regions, countries and initiatives.

The fast take up of green cars fuelled by biogas, natural gas or ethanol in Sweden, has shown that the consumer is ready to move away from petrol. As this evolution continues, it is of great importance that we ensure that the successful roll-out of today’s alternative fuels is done in a way that prepares well for the future introduction of hydrogen as vehicle fuel.

—Sven Wolf, Project Manager of HyFuture



Brilliant. Thought it'd never happen. Need an agent in the UK? We're a little dependent on our oil at the present moment....


Wondering which company is in charge of developing the fueling stations that are planned

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