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Electro Energy Joins Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium

Electro Energy Inc., a developer and manufacturer of bi-polar rechargeable batteries, has joined the Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium.

The Consortium, founded in August 2005 by Raser Technologies, Pacific Gas and Electric, Maxwell Technologies, and Electrovaya, brings together component suppliers working to accelerate the commercial production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). (Earlier post.)

Consortium members cooperate to identify specifications, develop compatible technologies and deliver new system solutions in an effort to make affordable plug-in hybrids possible.

EEEI’s proprietary bi-polar rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (BP-NiMH) battery currently powers a prototype plug-in hybrid vehicle which is an adapted Toyota Prius, developed in cooperation with a Consortium member, the California Cars Initiative (CalCars). (Earlier post.)

The bipolar NiMH used in the EEEI Prius is a first-generation, proof-of-concept application. It is rated at 28 Ah, 6.0 kWh (180 cells), with a battery-only weight—i.e., not including controls, etc.&madsh;of 300 lbs (44 Wh/kg), giving the vehicle a projected theoretical all-electric range (AER) of more than 20 miles.

The company estimates that it will be able to deliver a final version of the PHEV Bi-polar NiMH battery rated at 30 Ah, 6.5 kWh (180 cells) also weighing 300 pounds (48 Wh/kg).

Electro Energy is also extending its bi-polar technology to Lithium-Ion chemistry.



If more utilities get involved EVs and PHEVs can get more support and better lobbying for research funding. I don't care what the conspiracy theorists think about "big business" it takes a large consortium of backers to go up against another (electric utilities versus oil companies).


More good news for the PHEV fans!

I wonder what the numbers will be with the lithium-Ion batteries?
I would expect the weight to drop dramatically.


EEEI bipolar battery is patented layout of battery composition, applicable to any battery chemistry. It offers best possible internal heat dissipation and current equalization through battery elements. Currently EEEI is in process of re-activation of huge battery production facility in US, formerly owned by Energizer. What will come out of their venture – no one could predict. God speed for them.

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