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The STILL RX 60-40

Hydrogenics Corporation has received orders for four HyPM Fuel Cell Power Packs for STILL International, a wholly-owned company of Linde AG, the market leader in Europe for electric forklifts.

Two Fuel Cell Power Packs (FCPP) will be integrated into STILL Class 1 forklifts, used extensively throughout the automotive industry in North America. The remaining modules will be integrated into two airport tow tractor vehicles to be deployed at the Hamburg Airport (Flughafen Hamburg) in Germany. All four FCPPs are scheduled for delivery in 2006.

This order from a world leading OEM is indicative of the growing interest in the potential of fuel cells in material handling applications.

—Pierre Rivard, President and CEO of Hydrogenics

Hydrogenics’ FCPP incorporates the company’s proprietary HyPM 12 Fuel Cell Power Module (earlier post) to handle base load requirements, and energy-storing ultracapacitors to handle load peaks and capture energy through regenerative braking. Designed to fit within an existing battery pack compartment, the hybrid power pack is easily integrated into such equipment as STILL’s newly designed RX60-40, a Class 1 forklift with a 4-tonne lifting capacity and their R07 Tow Tractor. Fuel for the FCPP integrated vehicles will be provided by Linde Gas.

Interest in FCPPs for these two early-adopting applications is based on their ability to increase productivity by reducing refueling times, extending run-time between fills, and providing consistent and abundant power while releasing no harmful emissions.

In 2005, Hydrogenics undertook field trials that validated the benefits of using fuel cells for Class 1 forklifts in multi-shift environments at General Motors of Canada’s car assembly plant in Oshawa and FedEx Canada’s logistics hub at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. (Earlier post.) For these deployments, Hydrogenics designed, built and integrated first generation FCPPs to replace the lead acid batteries in two Class 1, 5500 lb sit-rider forklifts.


allen Z

Indoor vehicles and ones that drive/operate often in restricted ventilation locations may be a niche for fuel cell vehicles due to emission issues.


They can also serve as emergency backup generation for the facility in case of grid power outages.

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