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OBVIO! to Introduce Electric Cars to North America (updated)

The 828.

Brazilian automotive company OBVIO! will develop and introduce lithium-ion-powered electric cars based on its 828 and 012 microsport car designs (earlier post) for export to North America.

OBVIO! has a strategic partnership with California automobile distributor ZAP, which has agreed to be the exclusive North American distributor and has pre-purchased 50,000 OBVIO! units.

The initial versions of the 828 and 012 car designs will be flex-fueled, and will go into production in 2007. The 828E and 012E equipped with electric drive systems will not be far behind, according to OBVIO! President Ricardo Machado.

It is clear to me that electricity has a big future in the auto industry. OBVIO !’s business model of 100 percent outsourced supplier relationships allows for the speed and flexibility to incorporate a new drive system powered by electricity by our second model year.

—Ricardo Machado

The preliminary specifications for the OBVIO! electric cars include a range of 200 to 240 miles, with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph of less than 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 120 mph. A 39 kWh lithium-ion battery system will power the 120 kW (160 hp), 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) electric motor.

A full normal recharge will take five hours, with a fast charge taking two hours. A 30-minute quick charge will provide a 20 to 50 mile range.

OBVIO! is also providing a bi-directional vehicle-to-grid (V2G) interface.

Target prices for the 828E and 012E are $49,000 and $59,000 respectively.



Interesting. I love the concepts. What I want is a car priced for the general public; the general public looks for new cards around $15,000, not more than $20,000. If only the elite can "save the planet" with the choice of car they buy, then that's what, 5% of the population of car drivers in the states? Obvio needs to rethink their marketing plan if they want to sell more cars. What would you choose? An Elite buying a "fun car" and thus not selling many or a car priced to the middle, where many more folks will buy them? I'd go for volume, not collectors. Especially if the point behind it is to save the planet.


I'd first like to second what Patrik said. I was about to post a similar response. If you want to know why we are still burning petrol and not skipping around in our happy EVs just look in the mirror. There was a fuel shortage in this country in the 70's. Those that should have learned from that experience did not. Through questionable politics the US managed to get the fuel prices down again and everyone just ignored what happened and went on trying to out SUV each other. The American consumer is to blame not the government. The government in the US serves only to get re-elected and if keeping the consumers Hummer topped off with cheap gas does that, then they'll go all in. This can be seen by the use of the energy crisis as a political football.

We all know we need to make a change but it will happen gradually and with some sacrifice. I think the people on this site know that. But to spout ignorance is no way to facilitate the change.

For instance, the comments about the money for refined petroleum products paying for our enemy's bullets; according to this report: the top supplier of US crude is Canada followed by Mexico. Let's hope they're not buying too many bullets. Besides, even if there was no oil to fight over the current leadership would find something.

And in typical USA fashion you think the world revolves around us. There are billions of people living in industrialized nations that all need oil. Even if we stopped petroleum usage in the US 100% tomorrow the demand would still be high.

We can change the world but a victim mentality won't make it happen.


Out of all the othere nations we are the top user at 25% of every drop that is being pumped. We do have a huge impact on the price of crude. and every time we fill up we suport that price that makes the people in the middle east rich and in turn they buy bullets that are used to shoot at our soldiers. We also get oil from the middle east. The fact is I would like them to be fighting with sticks insted of big bombs and missiles.
If we cut our use in half along with china who is ahead of us in this, the price of oil would go through the floor. Just an ignorant thought?


Yes, still quite ignorant. You have completely ignored the fact that our top providers of oil are not in the Middle East. You like to oversimplify the issue. We are in agreement that we need to curb our appetite for oil but your arguments are short sighted. Take a look at the whole picture. You cite the "people in the middle east" but you name no specific country. It's a large region and, while we may not be that popular, the last time I looked not all of "the people in the middle east" were shooting at us. I do understand where you are coming from, just don't oversimplify.

If the US and China stopped tomorrow and the price went through the floor then all of the other industrial nations would enjoy extremely cheap prices on crude and refined products. This would drive up the demand in those countries and certainly wouldn't put OPEC out of business. We are talking about nations with far less regulations on emissions than we have. For instance, just try to walk down the street in present day Saigon with out a mask over your face. Imagine if the price of fuel was cut in half.

Remember, it's not the price or consumption you are talking about it's the providers. Even though you've named no specifics, most of the Middle Eastern nations you are alluding to are totalitarian regimes. They will use money from wherever they can find it to build their armies and arsenals. Just look at North Korea, no oil there but still plenty of bullets. We need a global solution and worrying about who has the bullets will get us nowhere.

If you want to make an argument about nations that are a potential problem for the US and a large exporter of oil to the US take a look at Venezuela where the oil fields are state run and the leaders aren't too fond of the US.


Everyone's out to make a buck these days. If everyone had electric the price of electricity would skyrocket and gas would be so abundant and cheap they'd want to buy back their petrol powered cars! I believe if you're one of the first few to own a pure electric car now! you're ahead of the game. Soon, again, we'll be searching for some other source of power (nuclear powered cars anyone?) aside from the obvious and deadly risks it is feasable. Then again what ever happened to that 1.21 gigawatt mr.fusion car in back to the future? It's just that ... in the future.


All cars will be more-or-less nuclear powered in the near future. That is, they'll be EV's powered from nuclear power plants. It will also be about the only way to arrest climate change. Oil will be used to fly planes and other essentials.


Nuclea power stations can never address global polution issues.
Plutonium is the most poisonus threat to man.
Nuclea waste poisons the earth for years

Radiation from nuclea fallout causes CANCER

the nuclea power buisness and lobby are more ruthless than the oil trade

Plutonium = DEATH


Here in the UK you can buy an electric car for £7,000 (about $12,500) that seats 2 adults and 2 small children (so it's probably similar in size to the vehicle pictured), and charge it from renewable energy (wind, waves, tides, hydro-electric etc). Virtually carbon-free motoring.


"It's a large region and, while we may not be that popular, the last time I looked not all of "the people in the middle east" were shooting at us."

Is anybody? has any body? actually really shot at the US?
Is it not the US who is doing the shooting at others?

When has anyone invaded or occupied the US like the US has done to many many countries?

jeffrey  Holsen

The congressman from Michigan on a key committtee (dem. by the way) has been stonewalling meaningful emmissions caps because he is in the pocket of the industry. They've been doing that with efficiency standards for decades. Pelosi just took action to get around him. .....plain old NYT article. If the people (as opposed to the corporate sector) had insisted in the '70s & '80s thru prudent governance on higher mileage standards and better research we would be in MUCH better shape now!
Spare us the freemarket fundamentalist dogma. The "market" is no mere passive arbiter of taste and demand. It has an active seek and destroy mode. There has been plenty of conspiracy -perhaps not to the level of alien abduction or Rothchild illuminatus, but good old garden variety fox guarding the henhouse?....You bet! (conspire -to breathe together). Go hang out at "Truthout" or subscribe to Mother Jones. Read Palast's "Armed Madhouse" to see how much peddling and meddling the corporate culture has done with Iraq. Greed, which launched the war also caused our current massive failure. The mass media, bought and paid for, no longer does investigative reporting. The corporate mass media disorted the case for that disaster. The public, independent, and non-market driven media got it right. We need better mass transit not just a greener global parking lot and you can also bet that mass transit is not something the glorious private sector is competent or equipped to do on any significant scale.

You do not understand the issues and problems involved.
A pure electric car is less not more expensive to produce. this car should be $12000!!!!!
All you are doing is killing the electric car again!
You are asking people to do less with many times more.
Try using the limited mental power you seem to evoke.
Good luck in the next life.

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