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Toyota Sustainability Report 2006: Environmental Costs Are 2.3% of Sales

Cover of Sustainability 2006

Toyota Motor has released its 2006 sustainability report, summarizing its efforts on sustainability from environmental, social and—for the first time—economic frames of reference. The Japanese version of Sustainability Report 2006: A New Future for People, Society and the Planet is available on Toyota’s website; the English version will be available in August.

Toyota says it achieved all the goals specified in its Third Environmental Action Plan and began initiatives toward achieving goals of the Fourth Environmental Action Plan (2006-2010). Toyota’s environmental costs (unconsolidated) totalled ¥237.8 billion (US$2 billion), representing a 3% increase of ¥6.7 billion from the previous year and accounting for 2.3% of net sales.

The section on environmental aspects covers initiatives in Toyota’s biotechnology, afforestation, and housing business, in addition to initiatives that span the areas from vehicle development and recycling to logistics.

The section on social aspects, with more data provided than before, explains activities undertaken during 2005 in greater detail with respect to each category of stakeholder, such as customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.

National and regional reports are now published by Toyota overseas affiliates or related companies in 11 countries and regions outside Japan. Together, these reports are distributed in about 85% of the countries and regions in which Toyota vehicles are sold. Toyota says that it intends to further expand global information disclosure through measures that include increasing the number of countries and regions issuing reports in the future.


fyi CO2

Using the petrol thirsty GS450h on the cover of a Sustainability report is somewhat questionable- it's not Toyota's best foot forward..

allen Z


allen Z

Why not use the Prius, or Camry.

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