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DaimlerChrysler Marks the Phase-Out of smart fortwo With Special Edition

smart fortwo edition red.

DaimlerChrysler is offering a final special model—the smart fortwo edition red—to mark the phase-out of the current model before the fortwo successor model becomes available in the spring of 2007.

The two-seater will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show (28 September – 08 October 2006). DaimlerChrysler says that the model is “already as good as sold out.”

Due to the high demand for the fortwo, DaimlerChrysler had increased production in Hambach, France, at the beginning of this year. The company has delivered more than 750,000 vehicles to customers since the market launch in October 1998.

The sporty smart fortwo edition red features a BRABUS engine with a power output of 55 kW (74 hp), and features 16-inch alloy wheels, a front spoiler and sports rear muffler. Special contrast components in “intensive red” and aluminium pedals add to the exclusive look. Air conditioning and an audio system with an MP3 interface are also part of the package. The smart fortwo edition red is available as a coupé or a cabrio and costs €20,995 (US$26,852) and €23,695 (US$30,304) respectively.


Max Reid

$20,000 + for a small 2 seater car. Its certainly for the rich.

And what happened for Forfour.


Warehouse guy: Hey, what are you gonna do with all the extra parts that won't fit on the New Upgraded Model.

Exec: We're gonna paint em red, call it a special edition and charge an extra 3K for em.

Wharehouse guy: That trick is as old as the hills, the'll never go for it.

Exec: Wanna Bet!!

Max Reid

Thats both funny and true Joseph

For that price, someone could buy a Prius and save money on gas and also be a head turner which seats 5.

Daimler is another company which mocked at hybrids and now they are in doldrums.


Still waiting for a 2-4 seater with room for groceries, 80 mpg(Amer), easy to self-service, continuity of availability of parts for the next decade or so--the Nash Metropolitan was the last to proclaim this; look how long it lasted-- car lots with ONE of each model on the lot but 2-3 day access to more copies, ads which appeal to our intellect and which mention peak oil and suggest responsibility. How weird would all this be?


Max said:

Daimler is another company which mocked at hybrids and now they are in doldrums.

Err really? So what about the Global Hybrid two mode transmission then (together with GM and BMW)?


Ruaraidh, that was an after the fact response once they saw sales take off with the prius and civic hybrid and sales of their super-duper SUVs plummet.

GM also said they don't see a market for hybrids and BMW had said they would not produce hybrids...then again someone also, at one time, said the world would only need a handful of computers. Hindsight, 20/20, all that good stuff, etc, etc.


I once heard an artist state: "If it isn't art, make it big... if it still isn't art - add red." I supposed they couldn't make it any bigger - but it was easy enough to add the red! Instant ART!


>For that price, someone could buy a Prius and save money on gas and also be a head turner which seats 5.

A head turner? Where would a Prius turn heads?

shaun mann


the prius does turn heads in a "what the heck was that?" or a "was that ugly thing really a car?" sort of a way in places where they aren't heavily subsidized by taxpayer money.

as for the fortwo,

i think they are hella cute, but may not make much sense in the states. i think i'd spend my $30k on a focus hatchback (15k for vehicle + gas for life at 5000 gallons of gas good for 150,000 miles)

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