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Ford Orders Four New High-Voltage Energy Converters from Enova for Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has ordered four advanced design High-Voltage Energy Converters (HVECs) from Enova Systems, a developer and manufacturer of electric, hybrid and fuel cell digital power management systems, for application in fuel-cell hybrid vehicles.

Enova will design and develop the components which will transfer power between the fuel cell, the drive system and the battery, plus assist in energy recovery during regenerative braking.

Similar Enova HVEC components are used in Ford’s Focus Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. There are 30 vehicles since January 2006, which have been formally evaluated and tested throughout five worldwide cities.

The two companies first worked together on the Th!nk City electric vehicle. Enova has continued its relationship with Ford through the development of Alternate Fuel Vehicles (AFVs).


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