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GM Chevrolet Offers CNG Options in Thailand

GM Chevrolet Thailand will enter the alternative fuel car market this year, offering customers the option of equipping their new Optra 1.6L models with CNG equipment, or upgrading their current Optra 1.6L with CNG equipment.

Chevrolet will guarantee the quality of these fuel systems, and the vehicle warranties will not be affected, as long as the installation is performed by an authorized and certified Chevrolet technician.

In light of the sustained high price of oil, Chevrolet is introducing bi-fuel system vehicles as a safe and practical alternative for Thai customers. Currently, CNG is roughly one-third the cost of gasoline, and this shift will also benefit the Thai economy by helping reduce dependence on imported oil.

—William Botwick, President, GM Southeast Asia Operations & Thailand

The Optra CNG Sedan and Estate equipped with the Bi-Fuel systems will be able to use either gasoline or CNG, with the engine automatically switching gasoline fuel source when CNG has been fully consumed. Chevrolet will guarantee the quality of the CNG systems for 3 years [36 months] or up to 100,000 km from the date of its installation.

Chevrolet is also planning to introduce an alternative-fuel option for the Chevrolet Colorado, with a dual-fuel mixed injection of diesel and CNG. The engine is currently in the final stages of testing, and an agreement is joining between General Motors Thailand and US Energy Corporation to provide the dual-fuel system.

The introduction of a Colorado CNG will mark the first time in Thailand that a pickup truck is equipped with this type of fuel option. The Colorado would simultaneously mix the two fuels, at a ratio of 80% CNG and 20% diesel, or could also be switched to consume 100% diesel.



I would like a gasoline/CNG hybrid here. If they could bring in a midsized 4 door sedan that got 40 mpg and went 0 to 60 in 10 seconds, that you could refuel with CNG in your garage, I think that they might just generate some buyer interest.

ting  hua

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peter gan

It about time! CNG technology has been running more than 20 years, yet it is available to-day. Goverment should make it mandatory for every car in Bi-Fuel in view of GLOBAL WARMING. With Nano tech, an increase of 60% fuel efficiency to 240 km.

Dan McIntire

I already have a reliable split fuel system for diesel and gasoline engines. stand alone units that have fail-safe build in. (734) 660-0164

Dan McIntire

I already have a reliable split fuel system for diesel and gasoline engines. stand alone units that have fail-safe build in. (734) 660-0164

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