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Honda Extends FCX Driving Range With Software Upgrades

The FCX gets a boost in range.

Honda has extended the driving range on its FCX fuel-cell vehicle to 210 miles by upgrading the refueling software. The unmodified 2006 FCX offered a range of 190 miles.

The software upgrade facilitates improvements to the refueling process that yield better use of storage capacity and thus increase driving range, according to the company.

The Honda FC Stack made its debut in 2005 with a metal separator structure that is easier to manufacture and reduces the number of necessary components by 50%, with the aim of increasing stack longevity and reducing manufacturing costs. This system also includes an aromatic electrolyte membrane that reduces manufacturing costs and increases the range between cold and warm temperature operation.

Power output is 107hp (80kW) and 201 lb-ft (272 Nm) of torque. The FCX is capable of starting and operating at temperatures as low as -20° C (-4° F).

The California Air Resources Board has certified the FCX as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), and the EPA has certified it as a Tier-2 Bin-1, National Low Emission Vehicle (NLEV).

Honda currently has 15 FCX vehicles in the hands of customers in three different states. The company will begin production of its next-generation FCX fuel-cell vehicle concept within 3 years. (Earlier post.)


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