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The JCB DIESELMAX today secured the FIA international land speed record for diesel-powered vehicles with an average speed of 328.767 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. Powered by two JCB444-LSR engines developed by Ricardo, the JCB DIESELMAX beat the existing record by almost 100 mph.

Driver Andy Green achieved 324.265 mph (521.853 kph) on his first run. Under FIA regulations he made his return 333.364 mph (536.497 kph) within one hour to secure the new record, giving the average of 328.767 mph (526.027 kph). The previous mark, set by Virgil W Snyder at Bonneville in the Thermo King Streamliner on August 25 1973, was 235.756 mph (377.205 kph)

The two JCB444-LSR engines which power the JCB DIESELMAX use the advanced Ricardo High Speed Diesel Race (HSDR) combustion system, which the company originally developed for competition applications. It also shares many energy-efficiency and emissions-reduction technologies Ricardo is developing for standard transportation applications.

JCB is a construction and agricultural equipment manufacturing company—the JCB444 diesel engine normally powers mid-range construction equipment such as backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers.

In addition to diesel particulate filters, the JCB DIESELMAX includes technologies such as two-stage inter-cooled turbo-charging, high pressure fuel injection and a low compression ratio, low temperature combustion system. All of these technologies are being developed by Ricardo for application on the high performance, ultra-low emissions diesel vehicles of the future.

Ricardo earlier announced it is working with an automaker on a SULEV Tier 2 Bin 2 diesel for passenger cars. (Earlier post.)

Having already taken the FIA international land speed record for a diesel vehicle, the JCB DIESELMAX team will continue to run at Bonneville over the coming days with a view to further increasing the record.


Keith F

Does anyone outside the USA write "kph" instead of the more normal "km/h"?

allen Z

Force of habit.

allen Z

Force of habit.


We normally write kmph or km/h over here. First time i seen kph.

John Ard

Love the relevant comments. :)


This is only slightly faster than the fastest US electric car...the Buckeye Bullet which achieved 321.8 mph. They are building Bucket Bullet 2, however, for next year which is gearing up to be the world's faster fuel cell racer.

More information here:


WOW! The engine is only 4 cylinders! Why isn't there anything like this used on class-8 trucks?

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