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Recycling Used Engine Oil into Fuel Oil

Fuji Oil process recycles waste oil for use as boiler fuel oil.

Nikkei. Japanese environmental equipment manufacturer and vendor Fuji Energy Co. has developed a compact processing device for converting used engine oil or other waste oils into fuel oil.

This device mixes used engine oil and type A fuel in a 40-60 ratio, heats it to 60° C and removes solids using a centrifuge. Following this, the oil is passed through a precision filter six or seven times, breaking it down to micron-sized units.

When these are emulsified, the result is an alternative fuel for boilers with virtually the same composition as type A fuel oil.

Fuji Energy has already built a large model of the processing device and is testing it at a hot-bath facility in Ehime Prefecture. The device clears exhaust gas regulations, the company says. It can process around 100 liters of oil a day and costs around ¥1,000 (US$8.70) a month to operate.

The compact version—priced at ¥5.5 million (US$48,000)—is 80 x 80 x 130cm and can be installed beside and connected to a type A fuel oil boiler. Fuji Energy aims to ship 50 a year to transportation companies and food factories, using as a selling point the device’s ability to reduce fuel expenses by 30%.



A large auto parts chain which accepts used engine oil (such as Checkers/Schucks/Kragen) should be interested in this...if they have a market to sell the fuel to.

allen Z

What happens to vegetable motor oil when it is changed out? Can it be used in a similar way? Can it be sequestered, or recycled?


Allen, Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I'm not aware of vegetable oil being used as motor oil lubricant. It's used by some as a diesel/biodiesel fuel alternative, although my brother's diesel Vanagon engine went south some months after he converted it to run on vegetable oil. I know that Castor oil used to be used as a racing engine oil in the old days.

Robert Schwartz

I would be concerned about this. Used Motor oil contains metals and nasty hydrocarbons. It can be reprocessed commercially, but I would be concerned about the disposal of the by-products of the reprocessing.


Here is a company that specializes in bio-oils:

There are a few others that make motor oil as well.

Rafael Seidl

Robert -

what happens to those metals and nasty hydrocarbons (and spent additives) if the waste engine oil/transmission fluid is not reprocessed at all?

allen Z

NICE...good link Chingy,
Perhaps a syngas Conbined Cycle incinerator/generator. That way, you will get the metals/unwaned elements out.



Robert may be getting at the fact that burning a fuel laced with metals and spent additives is more dangerous that sequestering used motor oil in sealed containers, because releasing these nasties into the atmosphere can probably cause even more harm than having them slowly leak into the groundwater.

The purification process described here may be adequate to prevent such outcomes, but I think we can all agree that rigorous quality control over the fuel that comes out of this process is a must, in order to avoid these problems of atmospheric pollution. If I am not mistaken, metallic compounds in engine exhaust can also poison catalytic converters, creating further air pollution problems.

Since these devices are designed for small scale use at distributed locations, this is a real concern. The fuel that comes out of this device is piped right over to an adjacent hot water boiler and burned, not distributed through typical fuel-distribution channels, where it can be tested with regular fuel. Who is going to make sure the factory which uses one of these things maintains it properly, changes its filters, and disposes of the contaminant-laced used filters (and centrifuge discharge) in an appropriate way? It is entirely feasible that the manufacturer (or his agent) will take care of all these things -- but there no assurance that this will happen with certainty. Good policy controls need to be put in place to make sure these items don't fall through the cracks.

ahmed el dali

could i know what is the process of recycling used car motor oil,,,

john pierre

please can you send me more information and price of equipment


Could you let me know about treating used transmission fluid for diesel fuel?

Frantz Turnier

need information about company that specializes in motor oil conversion to diesel for overseas usage


I found the directions on making diesel at home by mixing
used motor oil with diesel and filtering it,but can,t
find the web site now. I am mixing and using veggie oil in my truck now and the process if i remember right is the same but want to make sure before starting can any body help.

Francisco Rasch

Please send me further information about it


I think 100 litres per day is rather too small. Is it a day of 24 hrs?


tat is type "A" fuel? and can you run the type"A" used oil mix threw a diesel truck?

michael smutek

id like to to find the prosses for makeing used motor oil into off road diesel fuel


Please send me more information about from used motor oil recycle process into diesel fuel ,and the price for the equipment.




joseph thellen

Please send info on converting waste oil to diesel fuel and phone number and email address where to purchase equipment

we use waste engine oil , filtered thro a vehicle fuel filter , mixed with about 20 % petrol and 30 % diesel ... or whatever is available , and chuck it in our Toyota truck ... works great .
Doug .

Iyke Awa

please can you send me more information about it, how it operates, what it requires including the cost. I think its great.

Aftab Ikram

I need more information about your device. Can it convert used engine oil or other waste oils into fuel useable for the tractors. Can the sludge/solid procuced after processing be used as fertilizer?


What is type A fuel?i really want to know because i'm interested in this!
thank you

Betty Carol

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