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Statoil Opens Norway’s First Hydrogen Station; “NaturalHy” Fueling for Fyk, Too

A hydrogen Prius at the new station.

Statoil opened Norway’s first hydrogen filling station for motor vehicles as a step in creating the HyNor hydrogen highway between the capital, Oslo, and western Norway’s port of Stavanger. (Earlier post.)

By 2009, HyNor plans to have enough fueling stations along the 580 kilometer (360 mile) route to allow hydrogen cell powered vehicles to routinely make the trip.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide received a purchase order in May 2006 for 15 hydrogen-fueled Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles from Miljobil Grenland AS, a participant and vehicle provider to the Norwegian Hydrogen Highway (HyNor). These hydrogen hybrid vehicles will be put in service in Norway in 2006 and 2007 as part of the HyNor program. (Earlier post.)

The Fyk concept car runs on NaturalHy

The station supplies hydrogen, natural gas and NaturalHy—a 8-20% hydrogen, 92-80% compressed natural gas blend. The Norwegian-produced sports car Fyk, unveiled on 21 August, runs on NaturalHy.

The Fyk is built almost entirely in aluminium, and is intended to raise awareness of the potential of the hydrogen-CNG blend as a step toward a potential hydrogen market in the future.


fyi CO2

How do you say "awesome" in Norwegian?


How do you say GAY in the derogatory sense of the word in Norwegian?
If you didn't know already, New cars in Norway are taxed 200%. A new Prius costs in the region of $90k.


Wait- why would you even want hydrogen in your car if it is only 8%? Can't you just use CNG and live with it?

allen Z

The only countries where H2 becomes the predominant transport fuel will be those with lots of cheap renewable electricity. Norway, with abundant hydroelectric, wind, and wave/tidal energy resources, fits the bill.
___They also have got to loosen their economy up. The car tax is ridiculous.

fyi CO2

"If you didn't know already, New cars in Norway are taxed 200%."
I understand that Norwegian vehicle taxes are calculated, in order of importance, on the basis of vehicle weight, engine capacity and engine power. Sean, where do you get the "gay" angle that a Prius costs $90k in Norway?


New vehicles probably should be taxed that much when you calculate all the negative externalities that come from driving automobiles. When externalities are ignored, the economy may be cracking but usually at the expense of the environment or the health of the public.

fyi CO2

Norway designed the tax/duties to make large-engine SUVs much costlier than compact cars, e.g. a Toyota Land Cruiser that costs $60,000 in the US might cost $100,000 in Norway.

Loosen their economy? You mean welcome all the benefits of globalisation as we do in Wal-Mart, USA?
Gasoline prices and other auto taxes in Norway are not so expensive when measured against the annual incomes of Norwegians, among the world's highest at about $52,000 per capita


Concieering where norway is and what the prediction are aboutclimate change there id say Norway is fubared no matter what they manage to do.

Roger Pham

"Oh what a feelin'," after you've gased up on "NaturalHy" (Sorry, can't resist the pun).

Seriously, I applaud Norway wholeheartedly for leading the world on this uber-environmental move. Hydrogen and Natural gas is the way to go for future fuel. That 200% car tax deserves another round of applaud. Attacking global warming and pollution with Viking spirit!

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