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Golden Hope Plantations Targets 120M Gallons Biodiesel Production by 2008; Discusses Collaboration with Indonesian President

Toyota Bumps Up Price of 2007 Prius, Adds New Touring Model

Toyota Motor is raising the US price of the Prius by 2.1% ($450) for the 2007 model, bringing the starting price to $22,175. Full tax credit will be available for purchases completed through September 2006. The approved tax credit amount for Prius Hybrid is $3,150.

Toyota is also adding a new Prius model: the Touring Edition. With a base price of $23,700, the Touring Edition offers enhancements such as 16-inch alloy wheels, a larger rear spoiler, High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps and foglamps, and a tuned suspension to enhance handling.

Prius prices can rise to more than $31,000 with options such as leather seats, a voice-activated navigation system and a rear-backup camera.

Although Toyota also increased the price of the 2007 Camry $250 (1.2%), Camry Hybrid pricing remains unchanged at a base MSRP of $25,900.


allen Z

US intermodal system does use trains, in some cases to capacity. With higher fuel costs, and a shortage of truckers in some places, freight rail is making a comeback with a vengence.

Roger Pham

I forgot to mention that the price of Nickel used in NiMh battery has gone up from $7/kg to 25$/kg, and may be the rare metals used also have gone up in price as well.

Allen, do the huge capacity of trains and the inflexible scheduling and dropping off location of railways fit in with the "just-in-time" delivery inventory system?


Joseph is right ... in many of these postings.

The Prius is more reasonably compared to a Honda Accord than Toyota Corolla in many categories (such as legroom: Prius/Accord front: 41.9 / 42.6; rear: 38.6 vs 36.8). Anyone who has driven in them knows that a Corolla is 'adults' cramped in the rear while the Accord/Prius are acceptable to be in as an adult for an extended drive (even if three adults in the rear of either is uncomfortable for anything other than a short drive). That leg room matters ...


don't forget, base prius comes with side air bags STANDARD.

those bags didn't come for free did you??

John Schreiber

The Civic Hybrid is not the car to buy if you like Air Conditioning. Honda's Hybrid products at this time must have the gasoline engine running in order for the air to work. Toyota deserves to raise the price on the Prius. They were the ones willing to take the risk on hybrids in the first place. I just wish they would make a NG version, or Flex fuel.

Paul Hilburger

"wait till Bush bombs iran how high will gas prices be then, thats if there is any gas at the pumps"

Can you please remove this?

And a better question would be, how long before the President of Iran tries to nuke all the jews?

Joseph Willemssen

Oh boy. Not this again.


Ian, you said you wished someone would make a diesel hybrid so you could run it on biodiesel, well I'm not sure if you are from N.America or Europe but PSA Peugoet Citroen are a huge automotive manufacturer in EU and they've already made one called the Hdi Hybride. It's based on a Peugoet 307 / Citroen C4 and does about 70mpg. They reckon they'll be able to bring it to market in Europe within the next couple of years (sorry if you do live in N.America). With a tankful costing about US$100 in Europe, any premium they charge should be easily recovered, especially as it will qualify for lower road taxes.

There should be an article somewhere on GCC if you want to look it up.

allen Z

To capacity. This means lines are running busy. The "just in time" model still moves around material. Often we think of air freight and UPS trucks. However, depending on how fast and how far they are shipped, it might be put on trains, ships, and barges. For example, shipping containers are stacked onto trains at Long Beach/Port of LA, and moved north and east throughout the US. Just in time can be a planned shipment a month after ordered. What you have in mind is more in tune with rapid shipment, and time sensitive material.
___However, I do recognise the fact that rapid shipment is a major part of freight (esp air freight) in the West. The lower cost of doing international business via air mail (during the 90's) has made these business relationships prevalent. Ebay, and multinationals whos business strategies demand rapid delivery of packages also fuel this.


Diesel! Diesel! Diesel! Simple, efficient, powerful.

Joseph Willemssen

Diesel! Diesel! Diesel! Simple, efficient, powerful.

... and dirty.


You guys are missing that VSC and Side Curtain airbags will now be standard for the 07 Prius. That is way more of a value then the marginal increase in base price. You aren't comparing apples to apples here.


Anyone know a website that describes best way to break in and drive a Prius to maximize mileage? My 2006 is a pleasure to drive, even in Vt. mountains. Long range I average 49-50 mpg.

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