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Altair Nanotechnologies Lands $2.5M DOE Grant for R&D

Altair Nanotechnologies has received a $2.5M grant from the US Department of Energy for funding three research and development programs at Altairnano covering battery electrode materials, nanomaterials characterization and nanosensors.

The research programs, which will be conducted over the next 24 months, include the following:

  • Battery technology. Continued research on optimized anode and cathode materials for high power, safe, fast charge batteries. This research will extend the collaboration with Rutgers University for prototype cell testing. The project also includes further investigation of extreme temperature range battery performance

  • Nanomaterials characterization. This is a new collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara to investigate the interaction of Altairnano’s nanomaterials with various non-aqueous environments.

  • Nanosensors. Extending the existing collaboration with Western Michigan University on nanosensors, this research will continue the development of a sensing system for detecting chemical, biological and radiological agents.

In July, Altair Nanotechnologies received a $750,000 initial order for its fast-charge, li-ion batteries from Phoenix Motorcars, a company founded in 2001 to mass produce full-function, freeway-ready electric automobiles. (Earlier post.)



Altair electrode chemistry offers inherent run-out safety, fast charge, low internal battery resistance, high power, long life, and low self-discharge capabilities. Energy density is currently somehow lower then other Li ion batteries offerings, but they working on it, and when it will improve, “Wall Street, we have a winner”….


And like every other Li-ion producer they need to get their price down.

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