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EPA Grants New Jersey $2.1 Million to Reduce Diesel Pollution

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $2.1 million in grants for New Jersey’s efforts to reduce emissions from diesel engines.

The grants for reducing diesel emissions complement the state’s existing program which includes a three-minute idling law and a mandatory retrofit initiative affecting 40,000 vehicles in the state. The $2.1 million dollar grant will fund four distinct initiatives:

  • On-board Idle Reduction Devices for truckers. ($750,000) This will fund the purchase of alternative energy sources and equipment to reduce idling and help truckers save on fuel costs. NJDEP will work with the EPA and a New Jersey based trucking association that represents short haul motor carriers to fund the purchase of auxiliary power units or bunk heaters.

  • NJ Turnpike Truck Stop Electrification Project. ($1,000,000) This expands the infrastructure for truck stop electrification in New Jersey by electrifying parking spaces at a truck stop along the NJ Turnpike.

  • Analysis of In-Cabin School Bus Emissions. ($215,000) This study will determine how effective retrofits are in reducing fine particle pollution on the inside of school buses. The results of the analysis will provide scientific direction for an upcoming legislated statewide mandatory retrofit program for certain diesel vehicles, including school buses.

  • Idling Minimization Outreach Project. ($135,000) This outreach campaign will discourage unnecessary idling of engines throughout New Jersey, particularly targeting the trucking industry. The outreach campaign will, for the first time, focus on idling transit buses and personal cars at the state’s tourist attractions. The campaign will also train police in New Jersey on how to effectively enforce the state’s three-minute limit for engine idling.



I hoped they would encourage some biod stations...there are no public pumps as far as I know


Even 2% Biodiesel in all pumps statewide would help.

If they wanted to make a real dent in the problem, a quick and easy fix would be to adopt the European Standard for Deisel Fuel Quality, which would involve 10ppm Sulfer max, 50 cetane min and a good adatives package, including 2% biodiesel as part of the addatives package.

Further, if part of that money went to offer some B20 and B99 pumps around the state, for those who desire that fuel, that could only help matters.


"How dare they require emissions retrofits for buses. We shouldn't be forced to have safe and healthy children" Quoted from Freedom Fighter


I'd like to see anti idling laws implemented throughout the nation, and not just for diesels, either. The government should also mandate automotic engine stop for all future vehicles.

Chris at USA E, LLC

Whoa Now!
Let's stop the hand-wringing and get on to reasonable and acceptable SOLUTIONS. My company markets Ethos, a versatile fuel reformulator used around the Globe that changes fuel types to reduce emissions by 20-40% AND conserve fuel 10-20%. Let me know if you want to get serious and save $$$$


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