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Hybrid Technologies Places Lithium-Ion Powered Electric PT Cruiser as Taxi in NYC

Electric PT Cruiser as Yellow Cab.

Hybrid Technologies will supply a lithium-powered L-PT Cruiser for use as a NYC Yellow Cab.

The program was approved by a vote at a scheduled TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) hearing. The program utilizes article 14 of the TLC charters, which allows the introduction of advanced or experimental innovations.

The all-lithium taxi will be hitting the streets of New York City within the next two months. It is anticipated that the L version taxi will also be used to highlight the Yellow Cabs 100th Anniversary in NYC which commences in 2007.

Hybrid Technologies is using a Ballard Power Systems 312V 67 MS electric drive system for the NYC lithium taxi—as it is for prototypes developed for NASA and the US Navy. (Earlier post.)



Oh unbelieveable, another Hybrid Technologies press release copied verbatim ? Guys would you care to back this up with another source than their notoriously sensational press release announcements that never materialize ?


Another link from your own site:
Read down further in comments, the Dow Jones article


I wish these guys would just make the damn things. We are anxiously awaiting them and they aren't apearing! Stop the false press and get to work!


Unlike gasoline-electric hybrids, pure EV suffers from severely limited range and long recharging time. I doubt taxi service, which vehicles supposed to work 24-7, is a good entry point to EV technology.

Robert Schwartz

A PT Crusier as an NYC Taxi? Perish the thought. Crown Vics are not roomy.

Max Reid

No Range is given, which means its just experimental.
But if it has 180 miles, then it should be good enough to run for 12 hours with other 12 hours for charging.

NYC has gone big time with Escape Hybrid, last time, I even saw 1 Hybrid Highlander and they have a lot of Sienna's as well. I guess they are moving away from the V8 - Crown Vic/Grand Marq.


In my town every second taxi is a prius ... makes sense for a city taxi.

Mark R. W. Jr.

I remember on a trip to Pittsburgh, standard gas-burning PT Cruisers were used as taxis in the city.

As the technology improves, I'm sure that EVs will have better ranges and quicker charging time. Remember how the cell phone evolved from the size of a dictionary in the 80s to nearly the size of a Zippo lighter these days (i.e. the Pantech C300)? Sooner or later, the tech level could improve that charging time could be maybe an hour or two tops and the range could be lengthened as well.


They had EV Chrysler minivans at LAX maybe 6 years ago with NiMH that could recharge in a short time. Since NiMH can take a very fast charge with no problem, I would look at the data from LAX and consider those batteries for taxis.


WoW!! That's amazing for me. Every other car here in San Antonio is a Prius. Trucks are leaving, but not for long as Toyota is going to "surprise us" with some good milage on next year's trucks. - Hey, GM's a bust - take Toyota (I guess).


Jason, toyotas trucks get worse mpg than GM's.


The person who uses truck to their intended use – cargo hauling or pleasure craft towing – does not fricking care about fuel economy.


Andrey, if they do those things as a job they do.


Well, every car in my town is a Prius and my feet stink worse than yours and I haven't eaten anything except tofu and granola for ten years.

Every other taxi is a Prius my arse!

allen Z
This is a list of current and planned vehicles in the NYC Taxi fleet. It is good for MY 2006 and 2007. It includes a Lexus, now that would be a sight. I have seen the Camry hybrid, and most of the others around, but not the Lexus.

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Jordan Peter Barrett

Instead of recharging the battery with a plug-in, why don't they put a wind turbine on the car. That way the battery recharges while a persons drive in it.

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