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PG&E Invites its Customers to Join Plug-in Partners, Sign Petition

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is sending an invitation in September bills to its 5.1 million customers to sign the Plug-in Partners online petition to encourage automakers to develop and to deploy plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

PG&E currently operates the 4th cleanest/largest low emission vehicle fleet in the country. As an official Plug-In Partner, the company has already pledged to automakers that the company will buy PHEVs to make its vehicle fleet even cleaner.

Although Pacific Gas and Electric Company is using PHEV prototypes in its operation today, consumers can’t go to the local auto dealer to get one because automakers aren’t convinced there are enough buyers. That’s why PG&E is hoping to harness the power of its 5.1 million customers...The petition basically says, “If you build it, we will buy it.”

Our customers have the power to help make Plug-Ins for the public a reality by simply saying they would consider buying one. We hope they will join us and become a Plug-In Partner.

—Bob Howard, PG&E vice president of gas transmission and distribution

According to a study commissioned by the California Electric Transportation Coalition (CalETC), 2.5 million cars (8% of the cars on the road) could be Plug-Ins by the year 2020 if automakers begin producing Plug-Ins within the next few years.

That’s the equivalent of taking as many as 5 million of today’s vehicles off the road, with a corresponding elimination of 11.5 million tons of CO2 emissions and a savings of 1.14 billion gallons of gasoline each year.

More than 40% of the generating capacity in the US sits idle or operates at a reduced load overnight, when most PHEVs would be charged, according to PG&E. Tens of millions of plug-ins could be charged every night without the need to build additional electric generation capacity.




Music to my ears.

Max Reid

A good effort by the utility.

Meanwhile Aug-2006 sales of Hybrid vehicles

Toyota (including Lexus) - 20,441

Prius - 11,177
Camry Hybrid - 4,977
Highlander Hybrid - 2,581

RX-400 - 1,514
GS-450 - 192

Honda - 4,019

Accord Hybrid - 499
Civic Hybrid - 3,411
Insight - 109

These 2 companies have sold 24,460.

Paul Valleli

I am faced with a company move increasing my commute from 10 miles to 30. I sure would love to lease a hybrid or electric roadster that would get me back & forth through the snows of NH. I could plug in at both home and work.
Must be affordable.

Max Reid

Hi Paul

Right now Prius may be the right choice, if you want bigger vehicle, Saturn Vue Hybrid which costs 23K may be the choice. There are 10 models to choose from.

Even a used Honda Insight which gives 60 MPG may be good for such a commute.


Well, California, it’s up to you. A lot of people will be anxious, as I am, to see what percentage of people sign up. GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, et al, will be closely watching. Now, I wish I lived in California! Well, I’ve already signed up anyway.


This plug in partners alliance really seems to be the future. I'm thinking of buying some PGE stock.

Its great how they can assist each other in ways. Like purchasing plug-in hybrids for their company vehicle fleet - to get a market going. And of course PGE will benefit greatly in profits in the long run if it can better use its capacity during the nightime.


If they use power line networking they can sync up lots of cars in phased charge cycles during off peak night hours. This would keep a nice consistent load profile and make a bundle for PG&E. Good to see after Enron's illegal gaming drove them into the poor house.


Some utilities still give you a break if you have an all electric house. Perhaps that concept will apply if you have an all electric car or PHEV. Not that I ever supported the all electric house concept.


This seems to be the future. Would be great for me here in Alabama. TVA is hydroelectric + nuclear so this would greatly decrease the carbon footprint and help with decrease gas purchase. I commute 35 mile (one way) to work so even with a range of 20mile/charge I'm still way ahead.

I'd sell my beloved 2006 toyota tacoma for a PHEV of reasonable sale price.


That is the idea of the plug, even for commuters, those around town trips can be done on batteries. Now if they could just get 10kwh of batteries down from $10K to let's say $2k, we might see many more of them.

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