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Phill Goes to Germany

FuelMaker Corporation has signed a Letter of Intent with GASAG Berliner Gaswerke Aktiengesellschaft, with the objective of GASAG becoming an exclusive FuelMaker dealer for Phill in the cities of Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany.

As part of the planned cooperation, GASAG will perform a field study involving 10 Phill units. This field study will be in conjunction with a market analysis commissioned by GASAG.

Upon completion of the field study and market analysis, FuelMaker will grant GASAG exclusive distribution rights for the Phill Home Refueling Appliance in the Berlin and Brandenburg regions. This will help facilitate Natural Gas Vehicle market growth in areas where public refueling infrastructure might not be as conveniently located as in the city centers.

GASAG is a consumer utility company, supplying the residents and commercial enterprises of the Berlin region with natural gas. GASAG actively promotes the deployment of vehicles powered by natural gas in the Berlin region and is committed towards ensuring an increased acceptance of this fuel by private and commercial users of vehicles alike.

FuelMaker has been designing, manufacturing and installing Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA) for the refueling of Natural Gas Powered fleet vehicles, forklifts, and ice resurfacers for over 15 years. The company has sold over 10,000 units worldwide and has used this innovative technology in the design and manufacturing of the first Home Refueling Appliance (HRA): Phill.

FuelMaker has an alliance with American Honda on the development and sale of the Phill appliance for use with the Civic GX natural gas vehicle. Honda has owned almost 20 percent of Toronto-based FuelMaker Corporation since 2000. (Earlier post.)


Max Reid

What Fuel make sells is 1 thing, but more CNG vehicles should be on the road. The easiest way to popularise them is to introduce a Bi-Fuelled vehicle.

Even if it runs 40 miles on CNG with other 200-300 miles on Gasolene, thats good enough. After all a daily commute is less than that.

It will be just like plugin hybrid. Hybrids and Flex fuels succeeded just because they can run on Gasolene.
But there are 5 million + CNG vehicles and that very good.


I agree. I would like to see a multifueled plug hybrid. Run around town on electric and CNG and use E10 and E85 for longer trips. Would clean up the air and reduce imported oil. I really like the idea of charging/fueling for most of my trips in the garage with electic and NG.

tom deplume

North America may become a net importer of nat gas in the near future. Use of nat gas as auto fuel will only make that happen sooner and to a much greater extent.

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