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smart Provides a Glimpse of New fortwo in Sand

smart fortwo in sand.

During the German beach volleyball championships in Timmendorf this weekend, Pavel Zasanyok, the three-time sand sculpture world champion from Russia, built a model of the new smart fortwo from special sand.

This sculpture shows the new design language and the characteristic face of the upcoming new two-seater city car. DaimlerChrysler will present the new smart fortwo this autumn. The car will be available from smart distribution partners worldwide from next spring.

smart has not yet published any official information on the appearance of the new smart fortwo, although heavily-disguised prototypes of the new smart fortwo have already been seen.

smart is always smart and this is why we have chosen the beach at Timmendorf to offer a first glimpse of our new car. Of course, we will be officially presenting the new smart made of its original materials to the world public later in the year. Timmendorf, however, where the whole beach volleyball fan community gathers this weekend, is the perfect place to make a statement that people will remember and to create a further sensation in addition to the results of the games. In the past few years our sponsoring activities have received a very positive response from the beach volleyball community and this is our way of saying thank you.

—Anders Sundt Jensen, member of the smart management board

(A hat-tip to Wolf!)


fyi CO2

When do we get a peek at the next generation Prius made from algae?

Sid Hoffman

It looks exactly the same.

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