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Infineon Introduces New Power Modules for Mild- and Full-Hybrid Drive Systems

Delphi to Provide Hybrid Powertrain Components for New Ford Hybrids

Ford Motor Company has selected Delphi Corp to provide the battery pack systems and thermal management systems for the coming 2008 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid vehicles. Delphi announced that it will also provide hybrid vehicle electronics for several other yet-to-be announced vehicle customers.

Delphi has had more than 70 patents issued since 2000 in power electronics and advanced energy systems. During the mid-1990s, Delphi built much of the electronics, including the hybrid module and electrical systems, for the first electric vehicles built and made available on the market by a major manufacturer in North America.

Delphi creates custom designs and builds power electronics that include DC/DC converters, ECM/HEV controllers, inverters and high-voltage battery packs with an optional 120/240VAC mobile power unit that integrate seamlessly into the vehicles electrical architecture.

Delphi officials announced the Ford contract at the 2006 Convergence Conference in Detroit.



The UAW at Delphi is pretty unhappy already. I hope Ford doesn't find themselves totally hostage.

On the other hand, it is good news that Ford hybrid sedans are coming.

I think Ford cars are often pretty good at introduction But the key is to listen to legitimate criticism and quickly fix what isn't right. Ford doesn't seem to do that.

(What happened to the idea that Volvo was to be Ford's big leader and supplier for hybrid tech?) Maybe the new guy is having an effect.


Dephi was part of GM, thus it has had experience with the EV-1, and and GM's hybrid bus.

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