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TriMet Switching Entire Transit Fleet to B5

The Oregonian. TriMet, the transit agency for the three-county area around Portland, Oregon, is expanding the use of a B5 (5% biodiesel) blend to all 611 buses in its fleet. Earlier this year the agency began using B5 in all 210 LIFT buses that provide door-to-door service for elderly and people with disabilities.

The agency had first run a four-month test of the biodiesel blend in 75 of the LIFT fleet buses starting in December, 2005—its first biodiesel initiative. (Earlier post.) The blending is done by Carson Oil.

“I think it’s a huge step forward,” said Jeff Rouse, alternative fuels manager for Carson Oil. “This is a pivotal point in TriMet’s relationship with alternative fuels.”

TriMet will use an estimated 327,000 gallons of biodiesel a year, more than the state’s next three biggest biodiesel users combined.

The Portland City Council adopted an ordinance that will require gas stations to sell the 5 percent biodiesel blend next year, and the city’s Water Bureau vehicles switched to B99 last month. (Earlier post.)



Great news!

Every little bit helps!!


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It's start. I'm hoping Trimet can get to 50% biodiesel soon

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