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BMW Announces Tier 2 Bin 5 Diesels for the US in 2008

The BMW Group has announced that it will launch diesel-engined vehicles in the US in 2008.

In its announcement, BMW noted that offering diesels in the US is a long-term oriented sustainable commitment. The company says it has developed an enhanced concept for reducing NOx emissions to meet 50-state requirements (EPA Tier 2 Bin 5).

This makes it possible to simultaneously introduce these new cleaner Advanced Diesels as so-called 50 States (Bin 5) models. All potential BMW customers across the US can choose an efficient and future-oriented technology with minimum environmental impact.

—BMW announcement

The BMW Group has offered diesel vehicles in Europe since 1983; 67% of the current BMW sales there are diesel models.

BMW calls the diesel models for the US an integral part of its EfficientDynamics corporate strategy which integrates a combination of short-term, mid-term and long-term measures for the continued reduction of fuel consumption and emissions while at the same time enhancing the performance and driving characteristics which are such a hallmark of BMW.

BMW will announce the type designations and specifications of the BMW Diesel vehicles for the US at a later point in time.


Rafael Seidl

This announcement comes just days after BMW decided to leave the BLUETEC alliance. Apparently, they really just didn't want to give arch-rival Mercedes kudos (and patent royalties) for making diesel technology viable again in the US LDV market. Initially, I'm guessing T2B5 diesel options may only be offered on the X5 and perhaps the 7 series sedans, because that's where the TCO improvement is greatest.


This is a very big and pleasant surprise.

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