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Mayor and Transport for London Outline 20-Year Transportation Plan for Economic Growth and Carbon Reduction

TfL believes that transport CO2 can be cut 50-60% if strong measures are taken. Click to enlarge.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and Transport for London (TfL) have laid out a 20-year transport program designed to ensure London’s future economic prosperity, balancing support for growth against reducing carbon emissions to deal with climate change.

The T2025 report highlights the importance of sustained investment and sets out ways that the impact of transport on the environment can be reduced.

London’s economy is expected to grow 20% by 900,000 jobs and its population by 800,000 people in the next two decades. This translates into four million extra journeys a day. Three hundred thousand of these new jobs will be in central London including the City, Docklands and the West End.

The T2025 package includes a climate change action plan, and sets out the need for substantial ongoing investment in public transport—rebuilding the Tube, the building of Crossrail, and expanding the bus network by a further 40%—together with measures to increase cycling and walking.

This equates to a projected 9% shift to public transport, cycling and walking over a 20-year period, building on the 4% shift that has already taken place over the last six years.



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