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Ford to Introduce E85 Muscle Car Concept at Detroit Show

E85 muscle car: the Interceptor.

Ford will introduce a Mustang-based E85 concept muscle car at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The Ford Interceptor uses a Ford Racing 5.0-liter V-8 “Cammer” engine running on E85 (85% ethanol blend). The 4-valve, dual overhead cam (DOHC) engine produces more than 400 hp (298 kW), and powered the Mustang FR500C to the 2005 Grand-Am Cup Championship in its first year of competition.

The basic 5.0-liter Cammer crate engine.

This is an upgraded variant of the 4.6-liter engine under the hood of the current production Mustang GT. The Interceptor features a traditional rear-wheel drive proportion that includes a short front overhang, long rear overhang and extended dash-to-axle ratio.

For safety, the Interceptor concept incorporates Ford’s patented four-point “belt and suspenders” safety belt design in all four seats and inflatable seat belts in the rear. Ford Motor Company is researching these two potential safety belt technologies as possible ways to further reduce injury risk in vehicle crashes.

Our customer target for this powerful masculine sedan was a man with a family. He’s essentially a good guy, but a bit mischievous. He loves power and performance. But ultimately, he’s responsible. When he has his family on board, he values new safety technology as well as a powerful engine that runs on E-85 ethanol.

—Peter Horbury, executive director—Design, The Americas



Our customer target for this powerful masculine sedan was a man with a family. He’s essentially a good guy, but a bit mischievous. He loves power and performance. But ultimately, he’s responsible. When he has his family on board, he values new safety technology as well as a powerful engine that runs on E-85 ethanol.
—Peter Horbury, executive director—Design, The Americas

They need a new spokes person that is not as ridiculous.


They obviously are staffed by blind retards. That is the only logical conclusion.

Adam Galas

Damn you Ford! For years the only flex-fuel vehicles you and GM made where gas guzzling pickups and SUVs. Now you finally figure out that maybe people want to buy more than trucks and you offer a sedan, but not a fusion, or better yet, Focus, but this monstrocity!

Something that will get no better mileage than the damned SUV!

This is the reason why Detroit is falling apart!

They focus on size and power when Americans are finally realizing they can be happy with small, fuel efficient models.

Just look at diesel!

Ford and GM only put it in giant trucks, while Honda and Toyota will offer diesel in small cars by 2009. Toyota even promises a diesel hybrid!

These guys are so fucking behind the curve its no wonder there market share is slipping.

They just can't seem to see the future of automotive technology!

Hell! Even GM's Fuelcell boondoggle is an SUV!

Adam Galas

Oh an who could forget, that the first Hybrids from Detroit where SUVs! While Toyota and Honda offer people the future, smaller, more efficient sedans and hatchbacks, Detroit can't let go off the past!


In fairness, Toyota did come out with the Highlander hybrid and then used the V6 and not the 4 cyclinder they offer. This is just a show car. I think they get it and got it back in 1999 with PNGV, but slipped up when the margins for large SUVs were just too tempting.


Toyota has lost money on the Highlander. Most likely they will never sell enough to break even.

This isn't just a show car. It's a new model introduction. I have no doubt they will sell thousands to our brainwashed suckers.


OMFG!! This is soooo lame

FYI co2

4 point seat belts may be too complicated for this "essentially good guy" who has nothing to lose when his masculine noggin hits the dashboard.

"But ultimately, he’s responsible."
Responsible only for accelerating climate change, that is.

FYI co2

PS: appropriately, the vehicle photo was taken near a junkyard where it hastily burned the last drop from its E85 tankful.


Hey people, this is just a show car. Nothing wrong with alternative fuel muscle show cars. Show Joe Schmo that biofuels can be manly. Heck, the Tesla is even more ridiculous, but you know we all love it.

I think Ford did right in hiring Alan Mulally. His big thing at Boeing was composites, that's what saved the company. If he does the same at Ford, we could see a renaissance. Lovins likes him, so I like him too.

Mike in TX

Toyota is bringing the Corolla hybrid out soon. Plus its bringing the Supra back ($30k) and a High end lexus($100k) model of the supra out. The just can't find enough space to build more of a product line.


Composites and Soy based plastics may be the only way to go in the long run.

Doubt there are enough "suits" with imagination around in the American auto industry yet.

It can be done but it will take guts. As badly as they have been burned, that is something sorely lacking in the business right now. Eventually they will have to find, or develop it.


This is a concept car. The only other Interceptor FMC builds is the Crown Vic cop car. This is a four-door gas hog sold all over the world to police departments that waste tax money on big sedans that spend most of their time in stop and go traffic or idling at a speed trap. They want the HP V8 to chase down bad guys even though just about the only time they use the power of the engine is hot-dogging runs to the donut shop. Speeders can't outrun the radio, after all.

They say they need to leave the engine running all the time to keep the radios and AC working, even though a gen set and a couple of extra batteries would do the job. Some departments 'hot sheet' the cars and don't shut them off except for during monthly shop checks. So anything that cuts down on fossil fuel use in this niche market is a good idea.


No mention on if this is an true E85 engine with optimization for ethanol's very high octane or if this one just guzzles E85 because it's optimized for burning regular gasoline? Show me the numbers!

Tom Prucha

Congratulations Ford for seeing the light before GM, DCX, and all the Asian OEMs. People like to buy high performance vehicles. The success of the Mustang is proof of this. This phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon and is apparently only getting “started” again after a 30-year hiatus.

Unfortunately, E85 will never be viable as a fuel for the masses, as long as oil companies, their distributors, and their jobbers are controlling the price of it. With the exception of the very few people out there that are truly environmentally conscientious, and the even fewer people that will pay more for fuel just so their money isn’t sent to the Middle East or Venezuela, E85 will never be justifiable for normal passenger cars or trucks. The fact is that it costs more money, sometimes significantly more money, to run a flexfuel vehicle on E85 as compared to gasoline and more E85 infrastructure won’t necessarily fix that.

If you live in an area where E85 is priced such that the additional 20 to 30% more fuel you need is offset by the lower fuel cost, I wouldn’t get too used to it if I were you. As soon as the oil companies buy-up our national capacity to produce Ethanol so they can make E10 (no more cancer-causing, power-robbing, MTBE thank you), E85 prices will start to rise due to supply and demand, and so will the costs for the stock to make it (food-grade or otherwise).

The only vehicles that are likely to use E85 exclusively will be the high performance vehicles that need the additional octane (up to 105 R+M/2). Where I live, 104 octane unleaded racing fuel is $5.50 per gallon, E85 is $3.50, and regular unleaded gasoline is $2.18. Engines with high static compression ratios (10:1+), turbocharged, or supercharged engines, can be tuned to have considerably increased power output on E85 compared to even 94 octane unleaded gasoline. Naturally-aspirated low compression engines see very little power improvement on E85 despite the additional 20 to 30% additional fuel used and most of those drivers don’t care about small power gains. If high performance vehicles must be part of our future (and they will be, whether we like it or not) then let them run on E85. After all, they do use a lot of fuel.

By the way, most flexfuel vehicles on the road today, especially from Ford, are passenger cars and small trucks, not big trucks and SUVs (

hampden wireless

Ethonol E85 is a joke unless the engine is optimized for it and not for gas. So far no E85 car has been sold to the public optimized for E85. Its just a waste otherwise. I say forget about E85 and just slowly put more Ethonol up to 10% in regular gas as it becomes more available.


It looks cool.
It is obviously a fuel hog, so why not put a 3L diesel engine in it.
If you did, you might get 20mpg (US) and reasonable performance.
It would give it another slant as a show car.


I love this SEDAN concept from Ford. It's about time they offered some engine choices too. Just because you have more power doesn't mean you have to race it around all day. I just wish everyone would stop trying to decide for me what kind of vehicle i want. For those of you out there, horses are still available. I could use some more room on the roads. I even like the target customer plug, it fits me exactly. Way to go Ford.


While voicing frustration is fine, but NO R RATED EXPLICATIVES.
_This is a concept car, one that may, or may not make it to market. The point is to show off, and generate buzz. It is also for garnering responses from potential consumers, to which the company can respond to. If the public rejects it, they only used millions - not hundreds of million to billions - for a oneoff design.
_As for the seatbelt design, if it is convenient, inexpensive, and reliable I would like to see it in all vehicles.


Uh, it looks like a Dodge Charger. What a concept, copy your worst competitor! Bold Move Ford.

Orville Lynner

There is a kit to convert port injected autos
to allow from E0 to E100 to be used.
It senses the fuel and lengthens the injection
pulse for more ethanol.

"Vidar-Abcesso Exp.Imp.Com.Ltda"
of Brazil.
[email protected]


I doubt that this car is optimized to run on E85. Most cars capable of running E85 are no were near running at e85 optimized leavels. E85 is capable of running at compresion ratios that regular gas is unable to achieve. The higher the ratio the more effient the combustion. The only kind of engine that can efficiently run regular octane gas and high octane e85 at their most effiecent is one that is capable of multible boot. I believe only Saab uses this technology at this time.


This is pritty much a concept cop car.

Anyone who has been a cop or knows em personaly knows exactly why a cop car is generaly that size.

Also one of the ther maoney makers is musclecars for those who like to drive em and so ford will ensure they can make muscle cars after oil runs out.

FYI co2

"Heck, the Tesla is even more ridiculous,"

The Tesla is seriously more technologically innovative and sets precadent towards much greater sustainability vs. an E85 muscle car "concept", and that's the reason the Tesla has more credibility in this forum.


Hey terry, obviously you have no idea about being a cop. Most hybrids would not stand up to the wear and tear of police work. I do agree that more could be done for police agencies to lessen their dependence on fossil fuels. And buy the way i don;t leave my cruiser running all the time, and I don;t eat donuts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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