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Ford to Introduce E85 Muscle Car Concept at Detroit Show

E85 muscle car: the Interceptor.

Ford will introduce a Mustang-based E85 concept muscle car at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The Ford Interceptor uses a Ford Racing 5.0-liter V-8 “Cammer” engine running on E85 (85% ethanol blend). The 4-valve, dual overhead cam (DOHC) engine produces more than 400 hp (298 kW), and powered the Mustang FR500C to the 2005 Grand-Am Cup Championship in its first year of competition.

The basic 5.0-liter Cammer crate engine.

This is an upgraded variant of the 4.6-liter engine under the hood of the current production Mustang GT. The Interceptor features a traditional rear-wheel drive proportion that includes a short front overhang, long rear overhang and extended dash-to-axle ratio.

For safety, the Interceptor concept incorporates Ford’s patented four-point “belt and suspenders” safety belt design in all four seats and inflatable seat belts in the rear. Ford Motor Company is researching these two potential safety belt technologies as possible ways to further reduce injury risk in vehicle crashes.

Our customer target for this powerful masculine sedan was a man with a family. He’s essentially a good guy, but a bit mischievous. He loves power and performance. But ultimately, he’s responsible. When he has his family on board, he values new safety technology as well as a powerful engine that runs on E-85 ethanol.

—Peter Horbury, executive director—Design, The Americas



"The Tesla is seriously more technologically innovative and sets precedent towards much greater sustainability vs. an E85 muscle car "concept", and that's the reason the Tesla has more credibility in this forum."

Immaterial. The Tesla is a $100,000+ car with two seats, no trunk space, and useless super-car performance. Talk about ridiculous. Why did Tesla go with this design over the sedan they will hopefully release in '08? PRESS BABY! Make EV's sexy.

At least this Ford can seat 5 and a good amount of luggage. At least this ford can be purchased by many more people than the elite few for the Tesla.

Get the point?

Now that you do, understand that I LOVE the Tesla and all it stands for. But I don't HATE the Ford, it is still a step in the right direction and ITS JUST A FRIGGIN SHOW CAR PEOPLE!!!!


"Most hybrids would not stand up to the wear and tear of police work."

Umn, NYC taxi anyone? The one package that trumps the cruiser package in the Crown Vics and the Ford is the NYC cab package. No BS country bumpkin Boss Hog cruiser, statey or local, would last a week in NYC. But those new hybrids are doing just fine.

Hey, what's wrong with doughnuts? ;)


Anon, bring the NYC package to where I work and I bet I can have it torn up before to long. And I never said theres anything wrong with donuts. I like em just don;t eat em much.

hampden wireless

For police work a scaled up version of the Prius HSD would work well. Lots of start and stop, tons of brake use. The 'transmission' in the HSD is MORE durable then a regular tranny and the break wear is lower with regen. A Toyota Highlander would stand up to Police work with the customary police modifications.

FYI co2

"it is still a step in the right direction"
oh yeah I forgot about the E85 gimmick


Incouragable are you? Would you rather it was just running on RUG? ITS A SHOW CAR.


ford deserve everything they get , its just incredible how many people on this planet just dont give a f**k , this is just more evidence that the human race is on the way towards extinction!


The Prius is the fastest selling new taxi vehicle in most North American cities.

Doughnuts went out when Kojak replaced them with lollipops.


On the Crown Vic the only difference between the taxi package and the police package is engine size in the older cars, and chip in the new ones. The cruisers don't have to meet the same EPA standards as everybody else. If a department would kill a car that quickly, they need a truck, not a car. That's what we mostly drove before I went into the private sector. A D/E hybrid would do the job just as well.

I might have been out of line with the donut comment... mainly because the donut shops are closed when I'm on the road late at night these days and able to watch cruisers sprinting up and down streets when not on calls because most departments don't black box the cars and audit them. It is getting so bad that citizens have started taping the department antics and complaining.
Not saying you're one of the guys violating the good conduct rules....

One department not too far from me kept the mainline cars running all the time and just changed out officers at shift change. It is not than uncommon a practice for departments that don't let officers take cars home with them, or are short on cars for budgetary reasons.

If the average citizen could see police and taxi use of hybrids and E85 powered cars everywhere, it would go a long way to convince joe sixpack that these are reliable, rugged, and cheap to run vehicles. Same reason the Big 3 advertise their 'Heavy Duty' truck line even though most citizens buy the regular duty models. It carries a good rep with it.


First off in order for the police to realy have an interest in a hbrid cruiser someone would have to actualy be making the right kinda hybrid AND be making an effort to get tminto olice hands for testing. I dont think anyone is of yet.

Secondly it would need several years of testing to make sure all the issues got fixed ad to gather data on how it worked out and more importantly where it didnt.

Finaly they would have to actauly make the damn car..

Now its very likely police might use prius and other hybrids for unmarked cars and various light duty needs. But the atrol car... thats different.


Terry, I would love to start using E85 for my unit, like you say it would get people to realize that its not bad and its a step in the right direction. The problem is getting the state and Ford to see that they need to introduce E85 Police interceptors. Also I think the cylinder deactivation that the Chargers have is also another thing that Ford needs to look at, because I believe before to long Ford is going to lose out to the Charger.


First of all LUCAS & ALLEN Z your both retards. toyota sucks.If it wasnt for FORD ther wouldnt be no toyota,nissan,& honda. FORD came out in 1903 thats alot of years that FORD has been out and its still the number 1 brand of is just mad that the MUSTANG is the #1 selling fast car.Allen I`ll tell you why youre a retard because the new E85 Mustang doesnt look like the dodge charger maybe tou need some glasses to look at things beter.I just wanted to say Thank You FORD for being #1 Kepep going PS:toyota sucks FORD FOR EVER


Ford, either you create a Fusion that can use E85 or I will find another car equal in size from another company...PS This is from a past and present ford owner..Maybe not the future


Love to see how this thing would run with the older classic cars and trucks.

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