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Forecast Puts China’s Auto Sales at More Than 8 Million in 2007

Xinhua. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) is forecasting that the country’s sales will exceed eight million in 2007.

CAAM earlier predicted that both China’s auto production and sales would exceed seven million in 2006. During the first 11 months this year, China’s auto production reached 6.59 million, a year-on-year increase of 27.92%, while sales rose 25.49% to 6.45 million, according to statistics from CAAM.

By the end of the year, China will overtake Germany to become the world’s third largest auto manufacturer after the United States and Japan, according to the association.

Separately, Xinhua reported that Tianjin Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd. (QYEV)—the makers of the Happy Messenger EV exported to the United States (earlier post)—is building a factory capable of producing 20,000 battery-electric, hybrid-electric and fuel-cell vehicles. This new plant will be the largest electric vehicle plant in China to date.

The plant is expected to be completed by the end of 2007. QYEV expects to export more than 500 vehicles to the United States in 2006.

The company predicts its annual exports will reach 5,000 electric cars to the US and another 5,000 to European and Asian markets within three to five years.


Harvey D.

Good news for future PHEV and EV buyers.

As previously predicted, the first mass produced PHEVs and EVs, with high performance batteries, will come form China and will not cost much more than current North American ICE equivalent.

What will be the impact on GM-Ford-Chrysler north America production?

It will be difficult to compete with China and India in this new electron transportation economy. They can manufacture the electric and electronic components (and the vehicles) at much lower cost.



You are missing one important point that has already kept Chinese car manufacturers from entering the US market. You can't compete on price alone in this car market. You have to have a safe, reliable vehicle with brand recognition. Notice how a Kia Rio is no longer a $7500 car when brand new and you have to put down closer to $10,000-11,000. Just 5 years ago the Rio was a $7500 car withOUT any incentives.


Uh considering gm os hiring 125000 or so chiese workers... it wont hurt gm at all;/

Harvey D.


Toyota will be No 1 in 2007, surpassing GM in quantity for the first time. Toyotas have been No. 1 for quality for many years and are as safe as their USA counterparts.

China with 8 + million in 2007 will be on USA doorstep within 10 years, quantity, safety and quality wise. Japan and Korea have done it and so will China, India and Brazil, but on a much larger scale.

The days of the Big Three absolute rules are over. Many North Americans have stopped buying their gas guzzlers and more are switching to better built, longer lasting, more efficient foreign cars. Chinese made PHEVs and BEVs will be sold worldwide within 3 to 5 years. USA may block or delay their arrival by various dubious ways, like they have done for European diesel (and other products), but free market will eventually prevail.

More competition is not necessarily negative. It will force the Big Three to produce more reliable and more efficient vehicles. UAW members will have to ease off on their demands and become more productive. Buyers will benefit.


The analysis I read said that the Japanese put plants in the southern U.S. because there is not a tradition of unions there. But it went on to say that once unions lose their power, the wages will suffer in non union jobs. Many people benefit from union contracts, without being in a union. So we all get Chinese goods at Walmart a bit cheaper, but if there are no jobs, who will be able to afford them?


One thing to remember is the average chiese fsces even more serious dangers then american on the road. Over in china massive heavy trucks driven by very poor drivers wind along poorly made roads and crazy intersections.

As a dear friend on mine learbned the hard way dec 1 when she was crsuhed by a big fig truck making a turn.. they dont always see you if your on a bike or in a small car and they are so very big and dangerous.

Every chiese family by now has seen thier share of horrors as variopus bike and small car drivers were annialated in the past few years. They have every reason to fearsmall cars and bikes thats whats fueling the car boom.

big me

no worries for american manufacturers even if they will disapear, economy will not sink, one we will free ourselves from ties of the middle east we will be able to set our own rules in the world once again. as far as economy US's economy is so flexible and offers tons and tons of opportunities this is why for every giant going away there are unlimited amounts of small businesses coming in. the jobs will be there and poor chinese will end up doing the work for cheap allowing US personnel perform higher minded and higher pay jobs. in addition when those cars arrive gas will lose its value many businesses will face huge expension and the middle east along with Russia will face a big decline which will support the stability of leadership for the US. the only problem rigth now we need it to happen faster becouse we may face the crash of our economy long before these wheels will start spinning. the gas prices have potential to crash the economy.

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