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New Mexico Governor Signs Executive Order on Climate Change Action

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has signed an executive order (2006-69) that specifies greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies to address climate change in New Mexico.

The order creates a state government implementation team tasked with ensuring policies from the order are carried out. These policies include:

  • Creating a market-based greenhouse gas emissions registry and reduction program;

  • Advancing carbon capture and sequestration technology;

  • Mandating that state vehicles use mainly clean, renewable fuels;

  • Proposing a one-time tax credit of up to 40% for the purchase, construction or retrofitting of alternative fuel filling stations;

  • Promoting the use of manure from the dairy industry in power generation;

  • Developing an education and outreach program on green buildings for those private sector builders; and

  • Creating new procurement rules that ensure state government offices have energy efficient appliances.

Climate change is the major environmental issue of our time. Nothing poses a bigger threat to our water, our livelihood and our quality of life than a warming climate. Today I am taking the first step toward implementing as many of these recommendations as are possible, feasible and effective.

—Governor Richardson

The government implementation team, which will make recommendations to the state’s Clean Energy Development Council, includes representatives from the state agencies of the Environment Department, Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department, New Mexico Department of Transportation, Regulations and Licensing Department, Department of Finance and Administration, Department of Taxation and Revenue, the General Services Department, Department of Agriculture, Office of the State Engineer and Office of the Governor. The team will also consult with representatives from the Public Regulation Commission.

Governor Richardson previously endorsed seeking regulations to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions of new cars and trucks sold in New Mexico and more than quadrupling New Mexico’s renewable energy use by mandating that 15 percent of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2015 and working with utilities to achieve a 25 percent of that electricity by 2020. This year, New Mexico became the first state to join the Chicago Climate Exchange, a greenhouse gas emission reduction and trading program.

During his news conference, the Governor said that he’s considering a proposal to require industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with legislation similar to a recently enacted law in California that limits greenhouse gas emissions by power plants, oil refineries and other industries.

The California legislation calls for a 25% reduction in emissions by 2020. Richardson said he hasn’t made a decision yet on whether such a measure will be part of his agenda for the upcoming Legislature, which convenes Jan. 16 for a 60-day session, according to the Albuquerque Tribune.


FYI co2

Richardson will throw his hat in the 2008 race next week;
good Republican greenspeak nonetheless.


Bill Richardson is a Democrat.


LOL @ allen Z

Doug Snodgrass

No matter what the motivation - and I think there is some legitimacy to Richardson's motives based on his record - it's clear that the environment is going to be an issue that looms large for anyone who wants to occupy the white house in 2008...and we must demand it.

Tom Catino

Just be happy you are not a polar bear...

P Schager

The press release mentions almost nothing on advancing solar energy, save for certain residential solar hot water systems. Coming from New Mexico, that's a conspicuous omission. They have the resources (map), and should be at ground zero in the dawn of the solar age--the destruction of the carbon emissions biz. Solar-recharged plug-in hybrids, in particular, could become economical there within the next political cycle before they typically visit something like this again. New Mexico (and Arizona) would be the ideal place to debut them.


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