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NY Upgrades CNG Fueling Site to Largest on East Coast

The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) and Clean Energy have completed an upgrade to the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station adjacent to the Perry S. Duryea, Jr. State Office Building on Veterans Highway in Hauppauge, NY, Suffolk County. The Long Island Power Authority and Keyspan were also instrumental in the site upgrade project.

The station’s upgrade expands CNG dispensing capabilities from 30-40 gallons/hour to approximately 1,000 gallons/hour and adds two additional dual-hose dispensers. These upgrades make the facility the largest publicly accessible CNG fueling station on the East coast.

Key highlights of the upgrade include:

  • High capacity CNG compressors up to 2,000 scfm (equivalent to 850 gallons of diesel per hour);
  • State-of-the-art PLC unmanned control systems setup for remote monitoring; and
  • Fast flow CNG dispensers with electronic temperature compensation.

Clean Energy, through a contract with OGS and the Department of Transportation (DOT), currently operates 11 state-owned CNG fueling facilities, 10 of which are open to the public. NYSERDA provided a $150,000 contract under the Clean Cities Challenge Program to support the upgrades to the Clean Energy’s Hauppauge facility. NYSERDA has previously awarded $166,000 to Clean Energy to construct two new CNG stations and take over operation of another seven stations for the State.

The expanded station also supports a landmark program instituted by the Town of Smithtown that requires all residential refuse collection vehicles contracted by the town to be CNG-powered models.

Smithtown is the first community outside of California to implement a program with a 100-percent mandate for CNG. A total of 22 CNG trucks will be used for Smithtown trash collection.

The installation of the first high volume public access CNG fueling station on Long Island is a major advancement in placing more heavy duty CNG vehicles into service. KeySpan commends the Partnership formed by New York State through Governor Pataki and Clean Energy to create the East Coast’s largest public access CNG fueling station. KeySpan also salutes the leadership and vision of Supervisor Vecchio and his staff to implement a CNG sanitation truck solution for the Town of Smithtown. This requirement has created the demand for the new CNG station.

—Robert Catell, Chairman and CEO KeySpan

In 2003, New York State entered into a partnership with Clean Energy to operate some of the State’s CNG facilities and open them to the public. Clean Energy operates 10 CNG fueling stations in New York State that are open to the public, and another station that is used solely for State vehicles. Overall, there are 59 CNG stations across the State, though most are for State vehicle use only.

Under a fuel-neutral approach, New York has transformed its vehicle fleet from having almost no clean-fueled vehicles in 1995 to now having 6,143 alternative-fueled vehicles, approximately 46% of total State vehicles, with an additional 277 on order. Of the total alternative-fueled vehicles:

  • 2,216 use CNG;
  • 2,291 can use ethanol (E85);
  • 101 are electric;
  • 129 use propane;
  • 574 are hybrid vehicles;
  • 831 use neighborhood electric; and
  • 1 uses hydrogen.


Rafael Seidl

CNG makes a lot more sense for motor vehicles than H2 derived from NG using steam reforming. The numbers in the NY state fleet are telling.


I would like to see CNG for cars in California. We could use the cleaner air and with biomethane and SNG we could make it CO2 neutral. The Honda Civic GX is NG powered and refuels in your garage.

John Baldwin

In nEurope, wholesale natural gas prices have longer linked to oil (averaging 30 p/th - last year they were 60 p/th which is the long term price associated with $60/bbl!).

In Germany, tax on CNG is fixed at minimum allowed level (in EU) until 2018..expect to see massive CNG growth in next few years there, from 50,000 cars today to 500,000 by 2010....this is transformational, lower CO2, reduces reliance on middle east oil, greatly improved local air quality. Germany has built 800 CNG stations in last 4 years - hydrogen has no space now, costs too much in terms of CO2.

On Greencarcongres, there will be 100% increase in articles on CNG and bio-methane vehicles in 2007, guaranteed!! We can save this planet.


I would not count the 2,291 E85 FFVs are real alternative fuel vehicles, unless we had some reason to believe they were actually running (most of the time) on E85. Are they?

Rafael Seidl

CNG will become a lot more interesting in the next two years as monovalent operation becomes feasible in selected countries and direct injection technology hits the market.

There may also be value in lean burn (lambda > 1) operation to extend operating range without expanding tank volume even further. CNG vehicles already use premium spark plugs since the fuel is harder to ignite than gasoline. The additional benefit would come at the expense of more expensive NOx aftertreatment systems.

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