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60% of Cars Sold in China in 2006 Use 1.6-Liter Engines or Smaller

Cars with an engine size of less than 1.6 liters accounted for 60% of Chinese car sales last year, according to industry statistics.

About 328,000 cars with an engine size of below 1.0 liters were sold last year, accounting for 8.6% of total domestic sedan sales. Cars with an engine size of between 1.0 and 1.6 liters represented about half of total sedan sales.

China’s car sales rose 37% to 3.83 million units in 2006.



go small engines! lol China's air is dirty enough already... they need all the efficiency they can get since I'm sure their roads are SUPER CONGESTED~!


China cities are conjested, but their freeway network is empty (at least to European/American eye). From 1988 (when it was zero highway) to 2006 China has built 45 000 km of expressways, which is more then total freeway network of Canada, Germany, and France combine. As of today it is only second to US, and expanding very fast. Usage of this highways by motorist is lagging.


Just like the USA...yeah right!

We want V8 and V12 otherwise our small penises are going to disappear! When is this country finally going to wake up and see that it is the last one to adopt measure to curb global warming and oil dependency?

Fred "BEV" Sands

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