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Alabama State Motor Pool Moving to E85

Alabama’s state motor pool will be the first state agency to operate its vehicles on E85. Of 207 vehicles in the motor pool fleet, 132 are already equipped to run on the ethanol blend. The state is building a 12,000-gallon E85 refueling station and two fueling pumps.

The next agency to switch will be the state Department of Transportation, which operates 3,000 vehicles.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley joined the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition—a bipartisan group of 33 governors who support increased use of ethanol—in June 2005.



This just confirms why Alabama ranks at the bottom of the nation for education.

Jamal Washington



Effete snobs.

John Ard

That's why we have Auburn University, only one of the best engineering schools in the country. And we have one of the nation's few public liberal arts colleges (University of Montevallo) at which I am a student. Do your research before you shoot off about us being stupid.

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