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ARES and Blue Sun Biodiesel in Joint Venture

ARES Corporation (ARES), an engineering and project management company, and Blue Sun Biodiesel have formed a 50-50 joint venture: ARES Blue Sun Development, LLC (ARES Blue Sun).

ARES Blue Sun will combine the engineering expertise of ARES Corporation with the fuel and oilseed technology of Blue Sun Biodiesel to collaborate on improvements in biodiesel process technology, as well as to build biodiesel (B100) production facilities throughout North America.

ARES Blue Sun will build its first plant in Clovis, New Mexico, with an annual capacity of 15 million gallons of biodiesel. The Clovis facility integrates a design jointly developed by the partners. ARES will provide project management services during the construction and operation of the Clovis plant. Blue Sun will incorporate the full B100 output of Clovis into its Blue Sun Fusion B20 product.

ARES began permit work on the Clovis site last year, and had lined up Blue Sun as its distributor. More than half of the ARES’ work is energy-related, and it formed a Clean Energy Business Unit in 2005 to focus on renewable energy, especially solar and solar hybrid systems; gasification of coal and/or waste; biofuels; sustainable energy efficiency technologies; and hydrogen-related applications.

BlueSun recently announced it was going public through the mechanism of a reverse merger. (Earlier post.)


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