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Enova to Supply Electric Drive Systems to Smith Electric Vehicles

The Smith Newton.

Enova Systems announced that it has entered into a significant production supply agreement with Smith Electric Vehicles, a division of The Tanfield Group Plc (TAN).

Enova anticipates executing an exclusive agreement to supply a minimum of 200 electric drive trains to Tanfield during 2007. Tanfield will integrate a 120 kw electric drive system into the Smith Newton, the world’s first zero emission 7.5-ton truck, and a 90 kw electric drive system into the Smith Edison, the world’s first all-electric 3.5-ton van.

Enova will also supply electric drive trains for a 12-ton version of the Smith Newton, specifically designed for the North American market.

Enova has worked in partnership over several months with Tanfield to develop the two high-performance electric drive train systems for Smith Electric Vehicles zero emissions vans and trucks, according to the company.

Smith has also applied Azure Dynamics drive systems in versions of the Newton. (Earlier post.)

In December 2006, TNT Express, TNT Logistics, and Smith Electric Vehicles introduced the first Newton models to go into service in London. (Earlier post.) TNT has indicated that it could require up to 200 Newton vehicles for the UK over the next 2 years.

The Newton has a range of 130 miles and is powered by four large Zebra Sodium Nickel Chloride 278V batteries positioned on the underside of the truck. Top speed is 50 mph. The Newton’s body panels are built from an ultra light, fully recyclable composite material manufactured by Omnia.

The 3.5 and 7.5 ton vehicles are primarily designed as delivery vehicles for urban areas.


John Latusek

So many companies are toying with all-electric vehicles and showing off prototypes or running limited trials. It's great to that Tanfield has them in production and out there on the road delivering stuff - which they do in south-east England. Enova's drive system clearly works.


That is the next logical step after the hybrid vehicles. The next years will bring very big advances in the drive- and battery technology, this will produce very good electro vehicles for the future.

P Schager

I reckon if they put a good boat tail on it--I suggest an inflatable one--they could get the Newton comfortably up to freeway speed. That would make it much more saleable here in smog-famous Southern California (Enova's home turf). It would be welcome here.

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