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Hydrogenics Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of hydrogen and fuel cell systems, has entered into a distribution agreement with LiftOne, a division of Carolina Tractor, for the company’s HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack product for lift trucks.

LiftOne is a leading full-service material handling dealership and becomes Hydrogenics’ first distributor. Under the agreement, LiftOne will market, sell, and service the HyPX fuel cell solution to potential end-users in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Hydrogenics HyPX Power Pack incorporates consists of all the components necessary to replace a forklift lead-acid battery pack including a Hydrogenics HyPM Fuel Cell Power Module, hydrogen storage, ultracapacitors, power electronics, controls and thermal management.

The different models of the fuel cell power packs have a nominal voltage of 36 or 48 volts, have a peak power of 16 or 21 kW, and offer 21 kWh of available electrical energy. The packs store 1.6 kg of gaseous hydrogen at 350 bar.

Hydrogenics’ first generation product completed successful pilot deployments that demonstrated significant productivity and operational improvements and savings when compared to lead acid battery vehicles and infrastructure. (Earlier post.)

The timing of this first distributorship agreement coincides with the introduction of Hydrogenics’ next generation HyPX Fuel Cell Power Pack this week.



I just admit I wasnt expecting this so soon. Still it is the perfect market for fuel cells. Depending on how fast the thing all goes this could make massproduced fuel cells alot sooner then expected.

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